Stealth Fascism
Taking my cue from The Fountainhead, What would Howard Roark do? Imagine he is faced with the likes of the Coronovirus. He would laugh.
He would touch his face, while scratching his head over a designing problem.
Not regularly disinfect his architectural drawings.
Take occasional trips to shop.
Would not constantly wash his hands, using a disinfectant; or a hand sanitizer.
Go out, not stay at home, and wonder what the hell is “discretionary” or “essential” travel.
Go to work.
Not use his elbow to sneeze into.

Will not wear a mask.

He was already in conflict with the collectivism of his time.

Eat and drink in a speakeasy, when he has the money.
Not maintain a social distance from Dominique Francon.
 And other actions or non-actions we should take for granted as normal in his world.
I’m really surprised by how readily Americans are to submit to  stealth fascism. It’s not a world I want to live in. It’s becoming less and less tolerable for me.

I have a good mind to order a Lone Ranger mask from Amazon.