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No. 2,565
It was bound to happen sooner or later, given all the Defund
the Police propaganda 
in various
states and cities. Minneapolis police, in
its last hurray
, have advised residents to just give criminals what they
want and to offer no resistance. If there’s violence, the police – what’s
left of them – will not respond or offer help. The announcement reads, in part
with homilies about their being concerned with “your safety.”

.+ Be prepared to give
up your cell phone and purse/wallet.
= Do as they say, Your
safety to most important.
. (but not your rights or the sanctity of your
life and property).
Suppose the criminals wanted to assault your wife, or kidnap
your daughter, and not merely take your purse or wallet? Would you be justified
in fighting back?
Barely, If at all. I can see the headline now: Resident
arrested and charged with harming and jeopardizing the lives of his “guests.
: Samuel Brown has been charged by the
“Publidc Safety Committee” with resisting the desires of “peaceful”
  citizens and making an unlawful citizen’s
arrest, of brandishing a gun and a knife, and faces a  $199 fine and five years of community service (
aka slavery).

It was difficult to write this column, to prevent my
disgorging my dinner after I read the original announcement it. This kind of outrage is common in the UK
and is becoming ubiquitous in the U.S. 
And now schools are being ordered to fly
the BLM flag
,  just to make sure you know where you stand (or don’t stand).  You are rightless and will be the subject of
carte blanche
lawlessness. The criminals will know no limit to their
actions, and will know they will have a “free hand” to do whatever they wish. There isn’t much more one can say about this, because the action is so evil and goes beyond the bounds of irrationality and “common” sense. . 


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  1. revereridesagain

    If no one fights back this will continue over the edge of the cliff. If in the face of everything that has happened in the past nearly 5 months, the Senile Old Man In The Basement and the Woman Of Color who is chosen to be the shadow President since there is no way Biden can serve in that capacity, still manage to be elected it will indicate that indeed for all intents and purposes there has been complete surrender. Because it it regains total power once more, the Left is never going to let that slip away again.

  2. Edward Cline

    I had one reader upbraid me for trying "save the U.S.," so why didn't I just enjoy life? I'm not trying to "save the U..," but I thought this was an important enough a development to comment on and bring to my readers' attention. It isn't every day a police force encourages residents to try to "get along" with the looters, thugs, and killers.

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