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The Collectivist Mentality of Muslims

Cretans both by land and sea are irresistible in ambuscades, forays, tricks
played on the enemy, night attacks, and all petty operations which require
fraud, but they are cowardly and down-hearted in the massed face-to-face charge
of an open battle.

Polybius, Histories, Book IV, Volume II of the Loeb Classical
Library (1922), p. 319. Translated by W.R. Paton.
The other
evening, when I came upon that specific description of the military strengths and
weaknesses of the various ancient Greek states in the events leading up to the
Social War of 220-217 BC, I was too strongly reminded of how Muslims act when
operating in gangs. Polybius’s description of the Cretan method of fighting and
not fighting is also a description of guerrilla warfare – often called rape jihad. That is what Muslim gangs wage
wherever they roam – in Britain,
in France,
in Germany,
in Sweden, in
virtually every
where they reside in large numbers, including in the United States.

Faced with a
determined opposition and the prospect of a face-to-face imbroglio, Muslim
gangs will only retreat to a safe distance and throw rocks, or simply fade away
to raid another day, and oftimes never even show up, as has been the case with
the massive anti-immigration demonstrations in Germany.
I have never
seen a video – and I’ve seen dozens and dozens of videos on numerous Internet
sites – of Muslims taking on an individual infidel in a fight. It might start
out as a one-on-one fight, but other Muslims invariably join in to overwhelm
the victim, regardless of whether or not “their” guy is winning. Muslim males
roam in packs, looking for victims. I recently saw a video of Muslims harassing
and chasing individual Swedish men in Stockholm, and Muslim brats taunting and
pushing to the ground a German kid on rollerblades. There was another video of
a black North African Muslim sneering at an elderly German in a bus, actually
and literally getting into the man’s face, egged on by other laughing Muslims
in the bus. And there was a Danish video of a black Muslim sidling up to the
newscaster on site and on camera and telling him in so many expletives to shut
Muslim gang
rape videos are rarely publicized. There have been pixilated CCTV videos of
women being accosted, raped, or assaulted by individual Muslims, and those are
unsettling to see. The authorities are reluctant to release such videos because
they and their political overlords claim they contribute to a “negative” image
of Muslims and immigrants. Polybius had a few choice words for the news media
and government policy of sugar-coating the ugly truth:
For it is
obvious that a man who thinks he can cloak by words the clear evidence of facts
must be regarded as a foolish and futile person.
  (p. 339)
But members of
the news media and government officials don’t mind being regarded as foolish
and futile persons; their political agenda demands that they be just that,
panderers to Islamic sociopathology. After all, they’ve got their paychecks and
pensions to take into account.
What ISIS does
to captive Yazidi
is also another story, because wherever ISIS operates, that is a war
zone. Read this Independent story here
for an idea of the utter
these women are subjected to repeatedly.
I have often
in the past referred to the Umma, or
the Islamic or Muslim collective worldwide, as the Borg or as The Walking Dead.
The Borg term, of course, is taken from their debut in Star Trek: The Next Generation, when they are first encountered.
The Borg inhabit the Hive, there are no individuals, just programmed slaves
gussied up with high-tech weaponry, and the Hive’s sole collective end is
conquest. The Walking Dead refers to
mindless zombies who travel in herds looking for live people to feed on.
Sometimes, I’ve referred to Muslims as the hideous Orcs, from the movies based
on the Tolkien novels.

characterizations represent for me, at least, a handy and wholly justifiable
mental shorthand that defines the essential attributes of Islam and Muslims. As
Ralph Sidway, quoted in my August column, “The
Myth of Muslim Male Superiority
,” noted about paintings that portray
gruesome truths:  
Sometimes an image – a metaphor – is much more effective at
presenting truth than even the most persuasive argument or laying out of facts.” And,
quoting from the article itself, I note that:
Islam proclaims that the rape
of infidel women is not the fault of Muslim men – who are portrayed as morally
and even racially superior to everyone else – but that of the infidel women who
shamelessly flaunt their beauty, thereby advertising their alleged promiscuity
and immorality, and become “exposed
” that causes Muslims to lose their self-control.  For the infidel women, there is no
forgiveness; for the Muslim male, there is plenty of dispensation to be found
in Islamic texts, because he’s superior and privileged by virtue of being
Muslim, so his raping an infidel woman is no more a crime or a lapse in his morality
than his raping a ewe.
Denmark has embarked, and Sweden is thinking of following suit, on a program to
instruct its new immigrants on the mores of sex to reduce the incidence of rape
by Muslims. It is a kind of “How to Contain and Control Your Muslim Male Libido”
classroom approach to “deterring” crime. The instruction will focus on “consensual”
sex as opposed to rape. Good luck with that.
Someone might
object: Of course Muslims can act individually! Look at all those stabbings and
car-jihad incidents and suicide bombers and so on! They were all carried out by
individuals. Yes, and those individuals were in it for the martyrdom and were
expecting to be killed. The Muslim gangs infesting Western nations do not wage
guerilla warfare against the native population in hopes of martyrdom or getting
killed. They are simply gangs of thugs acting out their basic Islamic, nihilist
instincts. They expect to live and get away with their crimes, and if not get
away with them, then survive in prison until they’re released to commit their
crimes anew. They’re programmed, ready-made recidivists. Their nihilism is
sanctioned and encouraged by their imams and political leaders and by the Koran and other Islamic texts. The only
thing that will “reform” their character and behavior is death.
Muslim gangs
enforce their own brand of a “safe space,” spaces free of unconquered infidels.
They are roving vigilante posses.  A European
rape victim beaten to a bloody pulp and left for dead, or a European man also
beaten to a bloody pulp and left for dead, is the Muslim notion of a “safe
Islam has been
waging war against the West for centuries. Muslim gangs are Islam’s guerilla
“fighters.” Most Western leaders are reluctant to grasp that they ought to
declare war against Islam, to deal it a knock-out blow to eliminate the threat
permanently. Polybius had some stern advice for those who would avoid war:
That war is a
terrible thing I agree, but it is not so terrible that we should submit to
anything in order to avoid it….Peace indeed, with justice and honor, is the
fairest and most profitable of possessions, but when joined with baseness and
disgraceful cowardice, nothing is more infamous and hurtful.
(pp. 375-77)
Advice to
Neville Chamberlain and other appeasers over two millennia before our time. I’m
betting Polybius is another one of those “dead white males” university
faculties no longer think worth exposing their students to.
But for all
his bravado, chest-beating, and belligerence towards infidel men and women, the
average Muslim male is an indoctrinated maquette,
a male in physical form only. He has no personal values, was unable to
formulate personal, rational values from the beginning, and seeks to fill the
resultant internal vacuum by emulating his “ethical” icon, Mohammad, whom he
knows was a rapist, a killer, a brigand, and a thief. I note in my “Muslim
” column:
Muslim men – and especially
Muslim rapists – are not virile in
the usual sense.  A virile man is someone
like Sean Connery’s James Bond, and is seen as such by men and women alike.
Rand’s heroes Francisco d’Anconia and Howard Roark, as well as John Galt, are
virile. In the sex act, they celebrate their lives, their values, their selves
as living, rational beings who love life. The women they “conquer” are their
equals in spirit who also view sex as a celebration.
Muslim men, however (and this
observation applies equally to non-Muslim rapists), are maquettes. They are half-formed creatures trapped inside the
physical bodies of men. They have no values or selves to celebrate. Their
notion of manhood and virility is one of nihilistic conquest, of force, of
proving the efficacy of their capacity to destroy or cause pain.
Their only sense of
“enjoyment” is in the act of killing, in inflicting pain. ISIS has sent us
numerous beheading and gun barrel to the head videos that demonstrate that
aspect of compliance with Koranic
Muslim gang
members, whatever their sect – Sunni, Shi’ite, Salafists – get psychological reinforcement
from the others, a communal sense of committing their crimes as a “right” or “privilege”
bestowed on them by Islamic theology, with which they may not even be even
minimally versed in. It has been reported by escaped Yazidi women that their
ISIS rapists made a
ritual of praying
before attacking their victims, and even after the act.
But in all the videos of Western Muslim gangs attacking infidels, I have not
once noted any of the gang members toting prayer rugs.
Moreover, Muslim
gang members consider themselves both morally and racially superior to their
victims, which is an enormous rationalization and evasion of what they are
taught from day one. From “Muslim Myth”:
To qualify the contention
that “these Muslim men consider themselves as unclean and unworthy” is the
much-noised Islamic assertion and contradiction that Muslims are superior to all others of other faiths
and races (even though Islam is not a race). But, superior in which respect? The Muslim male initially regards
himself as foul and decrepit. This is a notion…of Original Sin shared by Islam
and Christianity; Islam  doubtless cadged
it from Christianity [whose formal establishment] predated Islam’s by about 500
years, just as Islam cadged elements of other religions from the 7th century
onward, including, significantly, the pagan moon god, Allah. Being an imperfect
plaything of Islam’s Allah necessitates a Muslim male’s needing to observe a
strict moral code that will keep him on the “straight and narrow” path to
Islamic virtue and “perfection” and “purity” with the expectation of Allah’s
And, it’s okay to wander from
the “straight and narrow” to rape infidel women, especially blondes. They
deserve the treatment. It’s Allah’s will. Nay, his command.
The typical Muslim
male gang member, therefore, is a cipher, a nonentity screaming for an identity
that seems efficacious and potent. His only means of achieving that end is to
commit crimes and pretend that he is the all-powerful party, and the “moral”
party, at that. His “religion” inculcates in him and his fellows an active
malevolence that is best demonstrated in groups. Sometimes he will act as a “lone
wolf” rapist or bully of other men, but then his “efficacy” is not witnessed by
others of his ilk and it’s just not as satisfactory as committing a crime as
part of a collective. He desperately needs to have group approval when he chomps
down on a living being or befouls beauty with his filthy being.
Without the
Umma, without a collective hive of death to relate to, the Muslim gang member
is nothing.


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