Coronavirus Fetish, or anti-social “Social Distancing.”
Christine McNulty’ via UKOA (Watford Observer)
PM (2 hours ago)
to UKOA published in May:

“There’s no reason for
increased penalties for reducing the 2  meter (6 feet) rule in the
open air because viruses disperse in the open air; the rule isn’t applied when
people are shopping in a supermarket and in many other indoor spaces where it
can’t be policed.

“I think the govnmt is trying to avoid the formation of crowds and the
potential for civil unrest.”  (4.02 PM 5/10)

Prolific writer,
Christine McNultty, is often published in the Watford Obsever, in the UK. 
But rationality rarely
enters the minds of power-lusters, with only the chance to use brute force
whetting their appetite. Reason and force are antipods 

Some good news is that a Dallas Texas 
salon owner was released from jail after
defying a judge’s decision to imprison her for violating the and
“social distance” orders. The governor of the state ordered her
awful, outrageous news it that an 
Australian woman in Sydney who was demonstrating
peacefully against the lockdown was brutally arrested and her young screaming
son wrested from her grip by the police. She was roughly put into the police
van, still resisting her arrest. 
current imposition of lockdowns, “stay-at- home” orders, and “social
distancing’ – at 6 feet, between people – reflect an uncanny echo of how people
lived in George Orwell’s  
“Nineteen Eighty-Four,” and how people are behaving
today to “fight” the coronavirus, behaving in compliance with government
mandated and encouraged actions. (Masks, “ etc.) “Lockdowns” in Oceania were
the rule of daily life, while “social distancing” was de regur. You
couldn’t approach a stranger to make friends or ask for a date without risking
the attention of the Party and the Thought Police and endangering oneself and
the person you want to know.. Lockdowns meant that one stayed at home and did
not venture out to do something, such as search for needed things like razor
blades. If you were an Upper or Lower Party member it was forbidden to
“socialize” with the Proles or proletarians, and you could be punished, and
even executed for doing so – if caught.
today, in our perishing “democracies, if you’re a scheming politician
hungry for more power and control over the citizens you can “socialize” all you
wish with impunity and with no fear of retaliation.
narrative about the life of Winston Smith contains a plethora of gritty detail
of the everyday existence, the narrative to be admired because it conveys the
miserable existential realities of life under tyranny in Ocenia.. But those
realities are beginning to manifest themselves in Western nations today.
with the face masks, as noted in my column, “Stealth Fascism,”
enforcing “social distancing” has become a compulsive fetish and a constant
excuse to persecute or harass citizens by the authorities and by citizens, to
assert power. Some face-masked citizens will stare at you as though you should
be marched behind a dumpster and shot. Park rangers, cops, and bureaucrats
often jump at the chance to exert their power to punish citizens for not
conforming to the arbitrary rules, or to intimidate people into compliance.
mother at home was persistently badgered by Wisconsin
officers on weather or not she knew the meanings of  “stay-at-home” and lockdown, practically
inviting her to emerge from her home so she could be arrested.
A Seattle cop spoke eloquenty  on
Instagram against arbitrary powers. He has been suspended because he refuses to
remove his video.
As Heather MacDonald noted in an article about Trump not
wearing  a mask at a VE celebration:
first thing to be said about the VE Day episode is that the criticism of Trump
for not donning a mask outside is based on no science at all. Outdoor
transmission of viruses in a wide-open space is virtually unknown. Infection
occurs overwhelmingly 
indoors, and requires close and
prolonged contact. People are less likely to get infected by the
coronavirus outside than they are to die inside from falling, poisoning
themselves, or choking, as Vanity Fair writer T.A. Frank has
pointed out.”
To dramatize
the “new norm” in civil society:
You are
invited to a friend’s wedding reception about two miles away. You don your tux
and go. You have a turn to dance with the bride. Later, you fall in love with
one of the bridesmaids. You find her smile charming, and want to get to know
her better, and she seems receptive to your attentions. She’s not wearing a
mask (no one is wearing a mask). Just as the musicians begin to play a sultry
number and you start to dance with the girl, about a dozen armed, masked police
raid the hall and arrest everyone. Citing our violation of the lockdown, stay-
at-home and social distancing rules decreed by the governor. Everyone is
cuffed, put into a paddy wagon and taken to jail to be identified and booked, even
the bride and groom. Those not put into  cells are fined $75 each for “breaking the
law,” and ordered home. It is a celebration 
to “remember.”
When you think
of it, the enforcement of lockdowns and social distincing isn’t really about
“fighting the coronavirus”; it’s about wielding political power
against citizens who have been disarmed. The enforcement isn’t without an ardor
that would make the Gestapo or the KGB envious.