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The Faces of Evil

Imagine for a moment you are in a U.S. post office, and while
standing in line to buy stamps, you take a look at the latest “Wanted” poster
featuring the mug shots of the “Most Wanted” killers, thieves, bandits,
rapists, and corrupt political leaders who have, after the 2016 election, been
booted out of power and sent to prison or banished from public life, never to
threaten any person’s life and livelihood ever again, either with ill-gotten
money or a submission-or-else ideology.   
were all sent scurrying for cover in their fortress-like enclaves, pursued by
the authorities and grand jury indictments. They are the paragons of evil unleashed
upon civilized
, unarmed citizens in America and in Europe. Now they have
been neutralized and brought up on pages of criminal charges. Some have eluded capture;
others have been cornered in their caves or “safe” houses, or lured into traps
by the Texas Rangers and local authorities working with a reconstituted FBI,
much as Bonnie and Clyde were exterminated on a back road of Louisiana. (former
FBI Director James Comey, who once detailed Clinton’s treachery and lies but
refused to recommend an indictment, was demoted to the Bureau’s mail room as a
second-assistant mail sorter and pusher of mail carts). 

George Soros, who once boasted that helping the Nazis rob condemned
Jews of their property was the “happiest” time of his life, was a billionaire
who funded many of the Progressive/left wing groups that worked to bring down America
to the level of a political stew-pot of no specific identity as long as Americans
were reduced to poverty and submission to Islam. All societies, to him, were
pliant, fungible, and open to retransformation into ones in which he was
comfortable. Once compared himself to Machiavelli.

Former President Barack Obama’s
chief goal was to destroy America and her people, to turn it into an ossuary
and the people into skeletons of their former selves. “My many minions
throughout the country are ‘shovel-ready’! I asked them here from Mexico and
Syria. It ain’t gonna be a knife fight, and I’m gonna laugh my head off
watching you honkies run! You shoot back, you get shot!”

As the Patron Saint of Lies, Hillary Clinton here
attempts to combine the insouciance of George Soros and the Mussolini-like
jutting jaw pose of Obama. The picture was taken shortly after she said during
a “Ready for Hillary” rally, “You Americans will tolerate Somali rapists and
Syrian beheaders and like it, or I’ll reopen Gitmo, just for you! Then you’ll
see what a difference it makes!”

Heikki Saukkomaa/REX  2001
Saint Angela Merkel,
former Chancellor of Germany, photographed praying that no Muslims come after
her. Advisors close to her, however, assured her that she was in no danger of
gang rape, being too plump and homely, as well. Many of her hapless citizens
were attacked with her leave. Her philosophy to Germans: “Like it and lump it.
You’re being culturally enriched. To resist rape, or any kind of assault, or blaspheme Islam by
complaining about it, is treason! Just kiss your criminal and make up!” Rather, her closest advisors said that Muslims would come after her with a sharpened ax
– but that was before the Germans got to her first in a retribution that was
long overdue.

After a bath, a visit to the barber shop for a trim,
and the return of his garb from the dry cleaners, Islamic gang-leader Mohammed posed for a quick study and
liked the image so much he forgave the defamer, but forgot to autograph it. Fled
from the scene as he was dressing in a transgender bathroom in a Target store. He
was an undocumented illegal alien and a pedophile and cradle-robber supreme. Outstanding
warrants in 50 states, the UK, Australia, Sweden, and Germany. Whereabouts unknown.
Muslims claim to have never seen him, not knowing what he really looked like.


“…A long train of abuses and usurpations….”


The Howlers of Our Moon Bats


  1. Edward Cline

    Mohammed also underwent extensive delousing.

  2. Iceherinit

    What a great piece! If only . . .

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