Wilders:  “I
will never be silent.”

Geert Wilders, the larger-than-life Dutch politician who dared say
what was on his mind about the Islamist invasion of the Netherlands (“too many
Moroccans?”), has been convicted of the “crime” of “hate speech” by a Dutch

And what is “hate speech”? “Hate speech” is any criticism of a  member of a “minority” or the “minority”
itself that can range from an emotional tirade to an innocuous comment or
remark about Muslims or the race of a Muslim. Or even posing a question about
the minority. One can be found guilty of “hate speech” by uttering a truth,
such as: “Islam is not a race.”
Wilders asked a rhetorical question of his auditors about the presence
and behavior of Moroccans in the Netherlands.
As the Telegraph
case was based on almost 6,500 official complaints
after Wilders led a
party rally during a local election campaign in The Hague in March 2014, asking
whether there should be “more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.”
The crowd’s response
of “fewer, fewer”, was clearly organized, said a judge at the secure court at
Schiphol Judicial Complex, near Amsterdam, ruling that Wilders had breached the
boundaries of even a politician’s freedom of speech. 
The leading judge read out in court:
“It doesn’t matter
that Wilders gave another message afterwards [saying he was referring only to
criminal Moroccans and benefits claimants],” said the judge. “The message that
evening from the podium, via the media, was loud and proud and did its work…The
group was collectively dismissed as inferior to other Dutch people.”
Wilders is a member of the Party for Freedom (PVV). It was created in
2006, and campaigned to “limit the growth of Muslim numbers” in the
Netherlands, taking nine out of 150 seats. His party wants to ban the Koran,
shut all mosques and asylum centers, and take the Netherlands out of the EU. At
the moment it is leading in the polls for a general election in March 2017.
What brought the suit against Wilders on were the offended feelings of
Moroccan Muslims, who did not like being singled out for “discriminatory”
In court, the judge
called his behavior “unworthy” of a politician, and said there was no question
that the case was political, as Wilders claimed.
The case, which has
taken 20 months to reach a verdict, comes three months before Dutch general
elections and Wilders’ PVV is currently leading in some polls. 
Michiel Pestman,
lawyer for some of the complainants who helped bring the case, said: “There is
a debate in the Netherlands about whether this has given Wilders free
publicity, but he has to pay his lawyers. It’s a unique decision. This is the
first time that a court has said that minorities need special protection and
even a politician should be very careful about what he says.”

Dutch Judges of Geert Wilders
Elianne van Rens, Henry Stone House, and Sijbrand Wreath
Not Wilders’s Moral or Intellectual Peers
Hey, people, reality check here. If you keep sending someone to trial
because he exercised his freedom of speech, of course he’s going to get “free
publicity” – unless the government conducts a secret trial and suppresses any
information about it.
Emerson Vermaat of Pipeline
wrote in 2014:
January 22, 2014 –
San Francisco – PipeLineNews.org – Violent and dangerous Moroccan youth gangs
are on the rise in multicultural Holland. The Dutch city of The Hague has a
reputation of being a decent city where embassies and prestigious international
courts such as the International Court of Justice and the International
Criminal Court are located. It is also the city where the King of the
Netherlands resides. Parliament is located here as well.
But organized crime
is rampant is this city, especially among second-generation Moroccan immigrants
and minors. It is costing the Dutch tax payer millions of euros every year,
apart from all those decent people who have been robbed and attacked by these
arrogant juvenile frequent offenders. Too often, lenient judges release the
offenders after a few days or weeks – and the untouchable youth gangsters are
quite aware of this. They are laughing at their many powerless victims,
rediculing them. The police are also quite unhappy about it.
It was on the early
morning of Tuesday, January 14, that about two hundred policemen forcefully
entered the homes of eleven members of a notorious
Moroccan-Antillean/Surinamese youth gang in suburbs of The Hague. The gang was
at least seventy-two members strong and those who were arrested – ten Moroccans
and one Antillean – were considered to be dangerous hardcore members. “We
allowed them to operate freely for about one year in order to gather more
evidence,” Jozias van Aartsen, mayor of The Hague, told a Dutch TV reporter.
“Otherwise, people will blame us when these youngsters will be released after a
reported  in 2023:
At the request of
the Freedom Party (PVV) led by Geert Wilders, a debate took place in the Dutch
Parliament plenary on the “Moroccan problem.” PVV parliamentarian Joram van
Klaveren began by stating that the Netherlands has a “Moroccan problem,” which
also touches on Islam.
He mentioned that
65% of Dutch Moroccan male youths have police files. Dutch Moroccans are 22
times more suspect of property crimes accompanied by violence than other
Dutchmen. He further stated that anti-Semitism and homophobia are widespread
among Moroccans.
Hillary Clinton and her MSM cohorts would classify any mention of
Moroccan (or Turkish, or Syrian, or Afghani crime statistics in Germany or
Sweden) as “fake news” intended to denigrate or defame various Muslim ethnic
groups, to be suppressed or banned altogether. Clinton does not cite the MSM as
a purveyor of “fake news,” but any independent blog spot exercising its freedom
of speech by reporting the news that the MSM ignores or refuses to report, that
is, any news that puts a dent into the elitists’, Progressive grip on the
political establishment and demotes the MSM’s credibility to zero.
reported on December 8th:
Hillary Clinton on
Thursday decried the spread of fake news online, calling it an “epidemic” that
Congress should take action against.
“The epidemic of malicious
fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year —
it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,”
Clinton said during a speech on Capitol Hill.
Some Democrats have argued
the spread of anti-Clinton fake news online contributed to her electoral loss
to Donald Trump….
“Lives are at risk — lives of
ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs,
contribute to their communities.”
“It’s a danger that must be
addressed and addressed quickly,” she said.
of course, was a practitioner of “fake news” when she blamed the Benghazi
incident and the murder of four Americans on a video which mocked Mohammad and
had the video maker jailed. It later came out that the video had nothing to do
with the attack on the compound. It was just Muslim killers doing what comes
naturally to them. She,
with the likes of Brian
, is responsible for many instances of “fake news” that later had fatal
consequences for thousands.
news” is any news or observation that is not couched in politically correct
hard to even convince the dhimmified of the fatal consequences of their
policies. One of the most shocking instances is the German/European Union
bureaucrat (a legal advisor to the European Commission) whose daughter,
19-year-old Maria
, was raped and murdered in October on her way home from a party.
This was not “fake news.” What was the reaction of the grieving family? To ask
sympathizers to donate funeral money to an organization that aids invading
migrants at the invitation of Angela Merkel.
The Daily
Her family, in an obituary
notice after her cruel death, asked for people to donate money to charities,
including those which work with migrants.

The killing is the biggest jolt to Mrs. Merkel’s plans for integration
since the frenzied sexual assaults of New Year’s Eve in Cologne when mobs of
immigrant men sexually molested and robbed hundreds of defenceless women.
The anti-immigrant
Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been quick to piggyback on Hussein K.’s
arrest to highlight what it says are the dangers of unregulated immigration. It
calls Maria a ‘victim of Merkel’s welcome culture.’
Hussein K. was born in Ghazni
in Afghanistan and came to Germany as an illegal unaccompanied minor in
November 2015. [He was 16 when he committed the crime.]
In numerous posts on the
Internet he liked to present himself in the guise of a gangsta rapper: hair
slicked back with gel, jogging pants and training shoes.
Maria Ladenburger, an expendable daughter

The poisonous
effects of politically correct thinking are so evident here in the girl’s
parents’ reaction in the form submitting to Islam in the way of virtually apologizing for their
daughter’s murder. The obituary notice clamors for attention because it mixes
grief with submission. It as much as says: “The
horrendous murder of our daughter by a criminal migrant will not deter us from our duty to aid and console all
criminal migrants
.” This is how altruism leads to abject selflessness. Duty
trumps value.
Geert Wilders
is under no obligation to be kind to Moroccans or to utter anything civil to or
about them. It is they who wish to see him defeated and destroyed. It is they
who sued to try him for “hate speech.” Muslims in every country employ “hate
speech” against the West and against non-believers, but politically correct
mores protects their “right” to defame and insult non-believers and secular
society. As Giulio Meotti points out in his Gatestone article of December 6th,
West’s Politically Correct Dictatorship
There is no better ally of
Islamic extremism than this sanctimony of liberal censorship: both, in fact,
want to suppress any criticism of Islam, as well as any proud defense of the
Western Enlightenment or Judeo-Christian culture.
correct speech has as its nefarious partners now the prohibition of  speech and actions in public discourse critical
of homosexuals and LGBTs, as well as Muslims and Islam as politically protected
classes and political powers. The rot began as early as 1995 (see my “The
Ghouls of Grammatical Egalitarianism
from 2013 (originally
published in 1997, about how academia has sanctioned and propagated the
shackling of thought and speech, also known as censorship).
Geert Wilders
will not surrender to politically correct speech. He has made that clear. He
will not become one of the “Gratefully Dead Dhimmies of Europe” – meaning that
a person would rather submit to Sharia Law than stand up for Western values of
liberty and freedom of speech, meaning that a European (and many an American)
would rather go through life with their heads bowed and their eyes downcast,
afraid to defy and fight the savages who rape their daughters, defecate
in their churches
as they do in Sweden, beat up anyone who looks like he is
a non-believer, harass Westerners in their own country, and even kick
down subway stairs. “I’m grateful to be alive,” say the dhimmies. But
for how long his judges, not his peers, may ask themselves? And their children?

Wilders will have the last laugh come the elections.

long will they be able to live? Such as Maria Ladenburger

The Netherlands have
become a sick country. And I have a message for the judges who convicted me:
You have restricted the freedom of speech of millions of Dutch and hence
convicted everyone. No one trusts you anymore. But fortunately, truth and
liberty are stronger than you. And so am I….
And to people at
home I say: Freedom of speech is our pride. And this will remain so. For
centuries, we Dutch have been speaking the unvarnished truth. Free speech is
our most important possession. We will never let them take away our freedom of
speech. Because the flame of freedom burns within us and cannot be extinguished….
Millions of Dutch
are sick and tired of political correctness. Sick and tired of the elite which
only cares about itself and ignores the ordinary Dutchman. And sells out our
country. People no longer feel represented by all these disconnected
politicians, judges and journalists, who have been harming our people for so
long, and make our country weaker instead of stronger….
Today, I was
convicted in a political trial, which, shortly before the elections, attempts
to neutralize the leader of the largest and most popular opposition party. But
they will not succeed. Not even with this verdict. Because I speak on behalf of
millions of Dutch. And the Netherlands are entitled to politicians who speak
the truth, and honestly address the problems with Moroccans. Politicians who
will not let themselves be silenced. Not even by the judges. And you can count
on it: I will never be silent….