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The Great Pumpkin of Islam

A “Peanuts” TV special in 1966 had Linus, the blanket-clinging
tot in the cartoon series, concocting a kind of “religion” or “cult” around the
Great Pumpkin rising out of a pumpkin patch on Halloween night. Linus spends
that night in the pumpkin patch, to witness its appearance. It never manifests
itself, neither in form nor in echo-chamber voice. Nor even as a burning
pumpkin. Linus falls asleep, clutching his blanket. I guess. I was never a fan
of the cartoon strip and I certainly didn’t watch the TV special. Story details
can be read here.
In Islam, the Great Pumpkin can be likened to
Allah, and Linus to Mohammad. The “prophet” imagined he was getting the Koran directly from Allah (the name of
an already existing pagan god) via the angel Gabriel, and rode to Paradise on a
horse sporting a woman’s head, but all that and more, if the Koran is to be taken literally as a
record of true events, must have been the result of delirium, hallucinations, dehydration,
starvation, or sunstroke. He was living in a cave
near Mecca, ostensibly to meditate, but actually to escape the ridicule and
wrath of his Meccan neighbors. One can imagine him passing his days subsisting
on goat jerky and imbibing essence of distilled mimosa, or the local version of
Kickapoo juice.
Of course, I don’t take any of it literally, the Koran and its companion texts too likely
having been works-in-progress over centuries, cadging from the Christian,
Judaic, Zoroastrian, and pagan religions and liturgies. Robert Spencer
torpedoes the existence of Mohammad himself in his rigorously researched book, Did
Muhammad Exist?:  An Inquiry into Islam’s
Obscure Origns
In short, Allah was Mohammad’s Great Pumpkin. Or,
if you prefer, his dancing, grand pink elephant, a deity greater than the Hindu
Ganesha. Allah, who shares
the metaphysical impossibility of all
deities, together with the contradictory attributes of omniscience and
omnipotence, has never manifested himself to Muslims or infidels, either. He
is, to put it tactfully, reality-shy. He exists only in the delusional minds of
those who wish to believe in such an entity. A figment of one’s
mysticism-inebriated imagination can’t be conjured into spatial existence no
matter how earnestly or often one prays, hopes, or wishes.
A Facebook friend of mine, whom I shall refer to
for security reasons as “Lois
,” conducted a four-year poll and survey of Muslims, largely over the
Internet using an avatar or pseudonym to disguise her identity, testing
Muslims’ knowledge of the Koran and
the Hadith, an anecdotal
compilation of Mohammad’s sayings and “exploits.” She compiled about 3,000
responses and reports some revealing information about our “peaceful” Muslim
neighbors, friends, and overseas pals. She focused on asking them about whether
or not they adhered to or agreed with the abrogating violent verses or with the
earlier “peaceful” ones. Here is a handy, short explanation of those verses on
YouTube, Three things you probably don’t know about Islam.” Lois Lane wrote:
Three thousand sounds  like a lot, but over four years that’s less
than half a Muslim a day. Some days I’d have quite a few conversations, and
during vacations, none. Almost all was done online and under screen names, so
there was no reason for the Muslims to hide what they really thought. They
came from all over the world. They had internet access, meaning
access to other ideologies. I have to be careful with my identity as I get a
lot of death threats.
I asked MANY Muslims about Islam,
and one of my goals was to find out what they knew about Islam. At the start, I
thought they would not know about Muhammed and what evil he did. But I learned
that they DID know. I spoke to around 3,000 Muslims over the course of the last
few years. I would ask them if they thought Muhammed was wrong to have sex with
a 9-year-old child, have people slaughtered for making fun of him, own and
trade slaves, sell women, and let his men mass rape women (and even join in),
It turns out that the overwhelming majority of her
Muslim respondents agreed with or endorsed the violent ones. And these were the
“moderate, peaceful” ones. Lois relates that there are over 6,000 verses in the
Koran that “pit Muslims against
nonbelievers.” She added that the Koran “is complete garbage, poorly written,
full of scientific nonsense and irrationality.”
The vast majority of Muslims did know about this (it is all
documented in the Islamic Hadiths). They would make lame excuses, say that I
was reading false Hadith, or rationalize. They are all taught to use the same
responses. I would put a huge pile of evidence in front of them. NOT ONE would
say that Muhammed was wrong/bad/evil to do such things. They would attack me.
Muhammed was above judgment no matter what he did. I would ask them to post the
verses since mine were wrong, according to them. No Muslim posted the verses.
I guess none of them would. It would be an act of self-incrimination,
tantamount to forgetting to invoke the Fifth Amendment. But they remember to
take the Fifth, and remain silent. Or become abusive, or threatening. Or
perhaps they didn’t know where to
find the verses. As many Christians and Jews are not intimately familiar with
the key passages of the Bible and the
Torah, and could not cite chapter and
verse during a snap exam, many Muslims are not handily conversant in the Koran and its companion texts, either.
as Lois Lane learned, they are adept in erecting a brick wall of denial.
Internet pen pal, Linda, made this observation about Muslims getting angry when
presented with the truth about their “prophet” and about Islam itself.
“It’s not inflammatory
to cite facts.”
It is in Islam. That’s
something most people don’t know about. Truth is not a defense if a Muslim
accuses you of “insulting” Islam, because for a kafir to say
something that makes a Muslim uncomfortable about the religion, is considered
an insult even if it is true. 
the truth to a Muslim can result in threats or even one’s death. This would
explain those raucous demonstrations in London featuring mobs of wild-eyes,
unphotogenic Muslims brandishing signs that proclaim “To hell with freedom of
speech!” and “Behead those who insult Islam!” and so on ad nauseam. They prefer not to be reminded that they’re mostly
intellect-deficient yahoos and boobs.
Lane wrote:
The few other Muslims who
claimed to know nothing, did know.
When I presented my pile of evidence, not one said: “OMG, I had no
idea!” like any good person would do. They would then pick up with the
rationalizations and/or threats against me….

Muslims know how
evil Islam is and they choose to follow it. Good people do not choose to follow
evil ideologies.

A natural
question to ask is: What is a Muslim’s concept of evil? The answer is simple:
Anything that is un-Islamic. This includes man-made laws, other religions,
infidel women and their “exposed meat,” non-halal food, insults to Mohammad and
Islam, the mockery of same, not submitting to Islam, and books and columns that
expose the utterly fantastic decrepitude of Islam.
agree with that assessment 100%. What 
person with a modicum of moral sense (or even self-respect) would remain
a Muslim, let alone convert to Islam to become one? No one with any moral
sense. No one with first-hand values. Muslims are ciphers. What I call the Borg,
or the Walking Dead, or Pod People (re The
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
). They crave for some fictitious entity like
Mohammad or Allah to give themselves to, to submit to, to sanction their
existence, to let it make the decisions of what’s right or wrong, to govern the
content and courses of their lives. They are people who are completely empty
inside, because they prefer some all-knowing and all-powerful force to fill the
void, and to prescribe their values, which they won’t need to think about,
examine, or re-evaluate, because they’re ready-made, and anyway, it’s forbidden
to question Allah’s wisdom or to look too closely at the origins, essence,
purposes, and consequences of his commands.
all the religious adherents in existence, I regard Muslims as the most
contemptible, despicable, and the most pathetic because they are not only
self-made automatons – that is, automatons
by choice
– but they’re taught and they believe that they’re superior to everyone else. They, the
empty vessels whose “souls” have been filled to the brim with ideological
and religious arsenic, who slaughtered 130 people in Paris and fourteen in San
Bernardino, are, by their corrupt measure of the “good,” regards themselves as
the betters of all non-Muslims.
Lane reveals more about her interactions with Muslims over the Internet:
the most moderate Muslim, the ones who [profess to] hate ISIS, firmly believe
that all disbelievers deserve Allah’s horrible torture for all eternity. Allah
warned us and if we make the wrong choice, we need to roast. [Bracketed
comment mine
Muslim will say that Muhammed was wrong to rape, have sex with a child, own and
trade slaves, sell women, demand terrorism, have people slaughtered, etc. Not
one Muslim would judge Muhammed as anything but a perfect example.
 The nicest Muslim will become hateful if asked
the right questions. I cannot count the number of times Muslims threatened to
slaughter me and my family.
 Muslims play dirty. They gang up to have
people banned from forums if that person speaks against Islam. They lie often
and well. If you prove them wrong, they will ignore your evidence and stick
with the lie or go on to a new one.

I often hear people compare Muslims to Germans. That’s a false analogy. The
analogy should be to compare “moderate” Muslims to Nazis who have not yet
killed any Jews.
are the same “moderate” Muslims who struck in Paris, in San Bernardino, in
Boston, and on 9/11. A “moderate” Muslim is as much an oxymoron as is a
“moderate” Nazi or a “moderate” Communist. The Republicans, moreover, are just
as responsible for the situation we’ve been in ever for decades now. For
example. It was George W. Bush who just after 9/11 proclaimed that Islam was a
“peaceful religion” that was “hijacked” by
“militants.” You may as well say that Nazism was a
“peaceful” ideology that was “hijacked” by Hitler, or that
Communism was a “peaceful” ideology that was “hijacked” by
Lenin and Stalin, or that Shintoism was a “peaceful” religion
“hijacked” by Tojo. Still, absurdities continued to pile up from both
parties. Both parties officially refuse to recognize the nature and purposes of
anyone interested in arguing with Muslims, Lois Lane has some recommended
websites that deal with arguing with Muslims about the truth and falsehood of
(Note: Wikiislam has been taken offline because of security issues with
Great Pumpkin of Islam was carved out of the hallucinatory imagination of a
certified imbecile, illiterate, brigand, rapist, murderer, and tyrant.


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    I don't know if you follow him, but Bill Warner is another excellent source of the study of Islam and what Muslims believe:

    This video is especially good:

    Lastly, I'm simultaneously heartened by Trump's proposal to halt Islamic immigration and disgusted by the reaction against it by mainstream Conservatives, libertarians and of course Objectivists. My god, this should have been done in 1993 and certainly in 2001. The egalitarian world we live in is insane. I have a hard time believing that Ayn Rand would have been on the side of moderate Muslims and "religious liberty" for "law abiding Muslims". But apparently believing in banning Islamic immigration makes you as evil as Hitler. Who knew?

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