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The Health Gestapo

No. 2,557

[ guhstah-poh; German guhshtah-poh
the German state
secret police during the Nazi regime, organized in 1933 and notorious for its
brutal methods and operations.
Why do I call these people and agencies the Gastapo?
Or, the American not-so-secret
police, during the COVID-19 “pandemic” (or “panic,”  as I favor dubbing it,) notorious now for its
brutal exactations of obedience and submission to mask and social distancing
mandates or rules with the goal of turning people into the new “pod people.”. The
process we are witnessing now evokes for me the story line of “The Body Snatchers,”
1956, 1978) in which people are inexorably turned into soulless clones of each
other while they are asleep. The Gestapo targets anyone eschewing masks and
overbearing government supervision of their lives, as in this instance “House Arrest For Residents Refusing COvId Quarantine Orders.” Complete with
ankle bracelets.

“Elizabeth Linscott said
she got tested for COVID-19 as a precaution because she was planning to visit
her parents in Michigan. She received a positive test result but showed no
symptoms.She said the Hardin County Health Department asked her to sign
documents agreeing to call them any time she left her house. The young mother
claims she never refused to self-quarantine but said she would not sign the
documents because of how they were worded, 
WAVE reported.
opting not to sign the health department papers, Linscott said she received a
text message informing her that the situation would be escalated and law
enforcement would be involved, 
KABC-TV reported.
Her husband, Isaiah, said he was greeted by officers at their front door later
that week .The couple said they were fitted with ankle monitors that go off if
they stray more than 200 feet from their home.”
“An Arizona couple was
busted after refusing to wear face masks in Walmart and coughing on employees,
authorities said.
Montoya, 38, and Victoria Parra Carranza, 23, deliberately coughed
on the
employees when they were asked to put on masks to prevent the spread of
coronavirus Wednesday at the Yuma store, police said. Employees called the
police but the two customers refused to cooperate and became confrontational
when officers arrived.
“Montoya fled the store
on foot and was arrested after fighting with officers, police said.
“Parra Carranza attempted
to interfere with Montoya’s arrest and also was taken into custody, authorities
They were booked into the
Yuma County jail on suspicion of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and
other charges.”.

is more violent, involving a woman arrested in a New York
City subway, after refusing to wear a mask and resisting arrest. . Woman arrested in New York Subway over
Refusal to Wear Mask. 

“The New York Police Department (NYPD) said in a
statement that officers approached the woman and “politely informed” her that
she could not be in the subway station without a face covering. Police said
they were met with “vulgar language” from the woman, who “repeatedly refused”
to “properly wear her face covering over her nose and mouth.”

“Officers told her she would be removed from the
station and began to escort her, prompting Rozier to allegedly wave her arms
and strike an officer with her hand.
“As a result of these actions, she was taken into
custody and placed under arrest,” NYPD said.”

 There are many more instances of the Gestapo linked in past posts. The one that stands out is a video of store customers chasing an unmasked woman from the store in Staten Island, NY, thus aiding the “escalating actions” of the Gestapo. There are others, too numerous to cite.

I noticed in the video that a cop
put a mask on the woman while she was pinioned by several cops. Refusal to obey any
Covid-19 related mandate now can result in arrest and the theft of one’s
freedom. This is the new America I refuse to conform to. This is also why I no longer fly or go near an airport. The TSA’s grope and search tactics also repulse me. 


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  1. Joe

    Good article Ed.

    Now that they’ve established that government has the absolute authority to lock us down for our own good, will there be any hesitation to use the same tactics to protect us from the “imminent danger” of global warming? Up until they began exploiting the racism and pandemic narratives, global warming was being called the existential threat, and anyone who questioned it was a denier, or anti-science. If the left does somehow manage to get back into power in November, what hope is left?


  2. Edward Cline

    I will not give up hope, even though I'm not in a position to have hope at the moment. Ed

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