These ongoing pogroms, anti-Semitic
, the noisy and often violent demonstrations, and the individual attacks
on Jews in Europe
and elsewhere
, apparently occur in cycles. But they especially explode when
Jews fight back and take steps to trounce their tormentors. As Israel
is doing now against
Hamas in Gaza. How dare they?
Now, as an atheist, I have no special regard
for any religion. The one I hate – and I hate it because I fear it, and fear
that it is making inroads in my Western culture, because it is a malignant,
death-worshipping, nihilist evil – is Islam. All the others, including Judaism,
don’t worry me, because not a one of them is telling me to defer to it, walk on
the other side of the street, or threatens me with death. All those others
exist on the periphery of my consciousness and of my concerns. I try to imagine
an Amish farmer in a suicide vest. It doesn’t compute. The idea is laughable. Although
I suspect that if Muslims try to collect jizya
from the Amish, I think Amish pacifism will come to an end, and Islam will have
a problem. I especially look forward to the Quakers’ reaction to submission.
But, I am otherwise indifferent to
religion. I was raised in a Catholic household without having become a Catholic.
The contradictions, arbitrary restrictions, hypocrisies, scandals, and
corruption prevalent in that creed alienated me permanently from any species of
Jews? I don’t even regard them,
collectively, as a “race.” In my mind, Judaism is a religion, first
and foremost. Anyone can become or be a Jew: Caucasians, Latinos, Blacks,
Asians. I wouldn’t know a Jew on a street unless he wore his religion on his
sleeve, as Hassidic Jews do.
But it is also true of Islam, that it isn’t
reserved to a specific race. Except the difference is that Judaism isn’t
seeking rabbinical hegemony over the globe. Jews are not telling me that I’d
better convert and wear a kippah, or
lose my head, or see my daughter raped, or my son’s hands chopped off.
Jews just want to be left alone, and,
incidentally, to benefit the rest of the world with their work and humanity.
But no one wants to leave them alone. Jews
are the one-size-fits-all historical scapegoats for whatever miseries or catastrophes
have beset mankind or brought about on himself. History abounds with instances
of how Jews have benefited man, yet were banished or subjected to riotous
murder. They have loaned money to bankrupt princes and spendthrift governments,
yet were snubbed, insulted, or worse. They have excelled in medical and
scientific research and technology, and in business and finance. They are
generous to a perilous fault, such as the foolhardy
supplying of their enemies in Gaza – and that includes all the hapless
shnorers, Hamas’s human shields – with medical supplies, food,
and other necessities.
Jews can also be foolish, such as the American
ones who oppose Israel, and the ones in Israel itself who subscribe to the
fantasy that Hamas and Gazans and Muslims of whatever suasion can be pacified
and made tolerant of Jewish and Israeli existence. I don’t know where their
heads are, and I’m so fastidious in some respects that I don’t even want to explore
their self-evident delusions. They don’t seem to realize that if Israel were
ever destroyed, they, the helping-hand Jews, would be among the first to be
exterminated. Islam does not tolerate “but-you-said” complaints. The
same goes for the leftards in this country who have “allied”
themselves with Islamic supremacists simply because Israel contradicts .
They’ll be among the first to be sent to the wall or over the cliff, come an American
caliphate. Except for the ones who have mastered the art of groveling.
The world owes Jews and Israel an
incalculable debt for everything they’ve done for it, yet our response is to
stab them in the back, betray them, and tell them to parley for peace with
killers who do not want peace, who are certifiable psychotics who want to kill
for the sake of killing, and act and exist for no other reason.
The world owes Jews and Israel that
incalculable debt, and, rather than create a pitifully partial list of their
achievements here – achievements which improve and advance man’s existence – I offer
here links to various sites that itemize everything they’ve done. Readers may
peruse the lists at their leisure:
Nobel Laureates (191, in all categories):
collection of achievements:
medical achievements:
Israeli high-tech industry:
Methodist Friends of Israel:
What have been Muslim contributions to
man’s condition, to increase his happiness and well-being,  other than the inculcating a neurosis of
terror, and developing weapons with which to kill Jews, attack Israel, and slaughter
infidels?  For 1,400 years, not much,
except, perhaps, to filch algebra from the Indians and also what are called
“Arabic” numbers. The tally of Muslim Nobel
comes to an underwhelming eleven:
Seven Peace Prizes, two in literature,
one in physics, and one in chemistry.
can explain this virtual absence of Muslim achievements? Aside from the
mind-numbing nature of Islamic ideology, which I’ve discussed in past columns, one
offers this credible and honest explanation for it:
…Today’s common Muslim mind, including the
intellectual Muslim mind, is quite insular, and is focused on protecting an
“Islamic” (and quite closed) mental sphere from influences from the outside
world. The result is a defensive culture that refuses to engage with the ideas
of “the unbelievers,” and therefore only repeats what it has learned from its
own forebears. If we Muslims want more Nobel Prizes – and all
the knowledge, sophistication and success that they imply – we must begin with
challenging this closed-mindedness, and strive to have more open minds. 
I don’t think this fellow is a true,
practicing Muslim. If he were, he wouldn’t have been able to write those words.
Hamas? Hamas is a pint-sized Goliath
challenging a towering David.  What can
explain its determination to engage in combat with Israel, which, if it took
off its humanitarian “what-would-the-world-think-of-us” gloves, would
annihilate it? The answer is simple: A nihilistic death wish. David P. Goldman,
in his July 15th article on PJ Media, “Hamas
Is the Norm, Israel is the Exception
,”    offers this very appropriate explanation:
Hamas wants to die,
obviously and visibly. That thought horrifies Westerners. As a number of
Israeli commentators observe, Hamas doesn’t particularly care about having a
Palestinian State. It wants to destroy
the Jewish State and is willing to die in the process.
It wants to die in
such a way that Israel will die, too. There is something utterly surreal to
Hamas crowding civilians around military targets, and Israeli pilots declining
to attack them. It recalls the joke about the sadist and the masochist. The
masochist says, “Beat me!,” and the sadist says, No…suffer.” [Italics mine.]
Hamas, to be sure,
proposes to die in an accelerated time frame and a particularly disgusting
fashion, but it should be kept in mind that self-willed extinction is the norm.
Yes, they want to be “martyrs.”
They wish to die. The
in November 2012, reporting during another conflict between Israel
and Hamas, quotes one Islamic terrorist group’s motto:
“From the Al-Qassam
Brigades to the Zionist soldiers: The Al-Qassam Brigades love death more than
you love life.”
That comports precisely with David Goldman’s
explanation of Hamas’s nihilistic death wish: If we can’t live, we don’t want
you to live, either.
I say: Grant them their wish. Extinguish Hamas,
once and for all. Down to the last miserable “martyr.” 
Hamas’s solution to the “Jewish
Question” is the same as was Hitler’s: Kill all the Jews. We envy the Jews, can never hope to match
their achievements and determination to live, and not merely
“survive,” we are but mere manqués pretending to live. We have no purpose
in our existence but to kill, kill, kill. We have no values but the sight of
Jews in pain and writhing in death.
The vicious ideology of Islam gives Hamas a
specious rationale for their chosen psychosis.  Israelis have proven in virtually every realm
of human endeavor that they are pro-life men of reason.  Reason, too, is what Hamas, ruled by an
anti-life philosophy, wishes to extinguish.