So, there you are, a Muslim male, age
25, in the prime of life, ready to settle in Europe. Specifically and
preferably, in Germany, or in Sweden. You had a lively debate with your fellow
travelers the other night in the barracks-like marshaling center somewhere in
Syria, or Jordan, or Gaza, or Tripoli, or Turkey, over which country had the
prettiest Caucasian women to rape or take as brides (if any are dumb enough to
become Muslim wives). They are all fresh, exposed meat, and you are the cat always
on the prowl.
You’ve been outfitted with two
€500 bank notes, a fresh change of clothes, an iPhone or a cell phone, a
backpack chock full of things to help you make the trek from Syria (or Libya or
Turkey or Gaza) in reasonable comfort, such as halal power bars and “RTE’s”
just like they give to American soldiers in the field, a basic medical kit that
includes a bottle of Viagra, and a pair of the latest style tennis shoes that
will wear well over a thousand miles of rough road and highways.  You’ve also been given a handbook and map in
Arabic of Europe showing the best routes to take to Germany.

There’s also a little
pamphlet that describes the free benefits of every country you will pass
through, including the free medical care and allotments for married Muslims
with multiple wives and children, including the basic stipend for just being a
“refugee” or “asylum seeker” and other such foolish designations.
Where the money came from, you
don’t question; it and all the other stuff may have come from that whacko
and ex-Hungarian
, George Soros,
but that’s just
a story
, or a rumor. You just found the money under your pillow one night. If
anyone asks, you just say that you saved it up from selling goat cheese and falafels
in your uncle’s food stall before it was bombed by the Americans or Russians.
Everything else you got in
the Raqqa or Mosul or Gaza Wal-Mart or its equivalent. Or from elsewhere. You
ain’t saying.
The infidel newspapers and
news media keep referring to you as a “refugee.” You can’t help but laugh at
the name. You’re a soldier of Allah, a disciple of Mohammad, and your journey
to Europe is a
hijrah, a holy conquest. You’re not seeking
“refuge” or “sanctuary” or “asylum” from anything. You’re going to Europe to
help those who went before you, to take over and dominate and enforce Sharia
You are taking part in a
grand project, which is nothing less than the dissolution of Western
civilization, by saturating it with you and your fellow faithful, and the
infidels will help you accomplish that by offering you succor, sympathy, and
You also have a sealed
plastic bag of false passports and visas proving you’re Syrian and Iraqi and
Afghani and Palestinian and from the Balkans. There’s a phone charger in the
pack, too, should you find an outlet to plug it into. If not, you can always
demand that some infidel storekeeper allow you to use his charger, and if he declines,
you can promise to trash his store. Also in the backpack are a
Koran and prayer rug, a copy of The Sayings of Chairman Mohammed (a kind
of digest of the Hadith), together with a
handy phrase book that contains imprecations and curses in German, Greek,
French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, and Norwegian with which to assault
government officials and volunteers and soldiers in those countries if things
are not done to your satisfaction.
So you embark on the journey
with eyes all aglitter with visions of a cornucopia of European welfare state
benefits and a life of ease. You imagine life in Europe will be a kind of
preview of life in Paradise with 72 virgins at your beck and call and all the
bourbon you can drink.  You have no
marketable skills that would enable you to find a job, but, not to worry. You
never intended to find work anyway. All those welfare benefits are
jizya paid by the working infidel Germans and Swedes and British.
You pushed Christian refugees
– men, women, and children – off the boat to drown in the sea, you’ve ganged up
with fellow Muslims to beat up Christians in the many camps you’ve had to stay
in, and did your duty in gang rapes of Muslim and infidel women. You did your
bit by trashing every place you were ever put up in, and did your business in
the fields and hallways and on trains, everywhere but in a bathroom. The
infidels had to clean up after you, as they should. It’s all they’re good for:
Serving you.
But you are not entirely
prepared for the experience. You should be asking yourself: If the German and
Swedish welfare states are all they’re cracked up to be, can they realistically
absorb and support millions of know-nothings and do-nothings like you? Where
does all the free stuff come from that you’ll find in those earthly paradises?
Who makes it?
But you don’t ask yourself
those questions. Allah forbids it. That’s fine with you. And if anyone asks you
those questions, you can always reply by beating up the person, along with your
brothers. You’re very good at doing things by gangs; individual Muslims are
basically cowards, they won’t rape or assault an infidel except in the company
of his brothers. You know this in the depths of your soul. So you don’t dwell
on the subject. You just act. You’re very good at pummeling and kicking any and
all disobedient infidels, and Christians, and Jews, in a collective effort to
mete punishment and even death.
my adlibbing of the Reliance
of the Traveler
. The immigrant traveler, 2015.
Muslim friend here has no notion of where “things come from.” Of course, being
a low-level Muslim, abstract questions such as the origin of wealth would never
occur to him, they are beyond the ken of his mind, which from day one was
regularly subjected to the trash-compactor of Islamic instruction, and he would
likely scoff and say that such questions are an unIslamic imposition on him. They
do not interest him. He expects service. He expects things to be there at his
disposal when he wants them and they’d better be of the finest quality.

ensure that quality of service, one German politician has proposed that German
youth be drafted and given the choice of one year of military service or one
year of waiting hand and foot on the immigrants. The Gates of Vienna

An MP for the CDU [Angela
Merkel’s party], Eckhardt Rehberg, demands that German youths perform
compulsory labor to master the rising numbers of asylum seekers. “We need
compulsory service. We have no other way to be able to master the mass of
refugees and their integration.”
They are supposed to relieve
volunteer workers, who are at their limit of exhaustion. Rehberg said: “We need
compulsory service. We have no other way to be able to master the mass of
refugees and their integration.” According to his suggestion, after young
Germans graduate school, they have a choice in front of them, either go serve
in the military for a year, or to serve one year in social services.
by the rising tide of disaffection among Germans for Merkel and the immigrant
invasion, I’m betting that many German youth will opt for military service over
bowing and scraping to their new overlords and enduring their insults.
the other side of the welfare state coin are the welfare statists themselves. They
are as volitionally clueless as the Muslims about where things come from, and
either indifferent or hostile to the question, inoculated by their education
and political upbringing and peer pressure against all reason.

more welcome into their thoughts than Margaret Thatcher’s dictum that “
The problem with socialism is that you
eventually run out of other people’s money,” is the observation that the
argument for anthropological global warming (or “climate change”) is like
claiming that a lightning bug alighting on a mound of dried sawdust will ignite
a firestorm. The welfare statists may concede publically that reason is not on
their side, but it hardly matters when such great thinkers like Auguste Comte, Martin
Heidegger, Karl Marx, and John Dewey are their philosophical and moral backups.
Other people’s money running out is not a problem. Reality is the problem, it
isn’t real, it isn’t “permanent.” It can be whatever you wish it to be,
especially if you have the political power to enforce it. People who think it
is fixed and permanent are just low-class knuckle-draggers.
there’s Karl Popper, George Soros’s “spiritual mentor,
who adopted the phrase “open society” as all his own. Popper introduced Soros
to the concept, and Soros subsequently dubbed a subversive, many-tentacled “humanitarian”
organization his “Open
term “open society” was originally coined in 1932 by the French philosopher
Henri Louis Bergson, to describe societies whose moral codes were founded upon
“universal” principles seeking to enhance the welfare of all mankind—as opposed
to “closed” societies that placed self-interest above any concern for other
nations and cultures. Popper readily embraced this concept and expanded upon
it. In his view, the open society was a place that permitted its citizens the
right to criticize and change its institutions as they saw fit; he rejected the
imposed intellectual conformity, central planning, and historical determinism
of Marxist doctrine. By Popper’s reckoning, a society was “closed”—and thus
undesirable—if it assumed that it was in any way superior to other societies.
Likewise, any belief system or individual claiming to be in possession of
“ultimate truth” was an “enemy” of the open society as well. Popper viewed all
knowledge as conjectural rather than certain, as evolving rather than fixed.

Thus, by logical extension, Popper did not share the American founders’
confident assertion that certain truths were “self-evident,” and that certain
rights—such as the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” as
referenced in the Declaration of Independence—were “unalienable” and thus not
subject to doubt, because they had been granted to mankind by the ultimate
authority, the “Creator.” (Or by nature.)

course, the welfare statists refuse to grasp the fact that an Islamic society
is not an “open society,” but a closed one, closed to freedom of speech, closed
to freedom of thought, closed to productivity, closed to liberty, closed to the
pursuit of happiness. Closed also to the free movement of people from one
nation to another without leave being granted by a local caliph. Except if
you’re a Mujahideen or an Islamic
“freedom fighter” (i.e., fighter against freedom).
regards itself as superior in every which way to all other cultures and moral
Greenfield threw a tank of water on the whole feasibility of a welfare state
burdened with the cement shoes of a mass Muslim “clientele” in his seminal
article, “The
Death of Europe
The European values that
require Europe to commit suicide are about ideology, not language, culture or
nationhood. But the incoming migrants don’t share that ideology. They have
their own Islamic values.

Why should 23-year-old Mohammed work for four decades so that Hans or Fritz
across the way can retire at 61 and lie on a beach in Mallorca? The idea that
Mohammed would ever want to do such a thing out of love for Europe was a silly
fantasy that European governments fed their worried citizens.
Mohammed isn’t staking his
future on the shaky pensions of European socialism. He invests in what social
scientists call social capital. He plans his retirement by having a dozen kids.
If this lifestyle is subsidized by infidel social services, so much the better.
And when social services collapse, those of his kids who aren’t in prison or in
ISIS will be there to look after him in his golden years.  As retirement plans go, it’s older and better
than the European model.

Mohammed doesn’t worry much about the future. Even if he doesn’t make it past
six kids, by the time he’s ready to retire the European country he’s living in
will probably be an Islamic State. And he is confident that whatever its
arrangements are, they will be better and more just than the infidel system.
in a nutshell, is what will transpire in Angela Merkel’s experiment in reverse assimilation, in which the Western
Leftist notions of “white privilege” and “white guilt” (in Germany’s case,
“Holocaust guilt”) are set in motion. What is reverse assimilation? It’s when you, the native German or Swede or
Dane or Frenchman (or American), tailor your values, actions, behavior, and general
outlook to Islam and Sharia.
I noted in my own column, “The
Mental State of the Political Elites: Part II
,” of October 29th,
To ensure that Germans,
Swedes, French, and so on participate peaceably in this unprecedented reverse
with the least possible problems, non-Muslims must, first,
remain ignorant of the true peril to their lives and futures by becoming dhimmis,
and, second, be prohibited from voicing their objections under the penalty of
Shariah law. For Shariah law will replace whatever legal codes exist now in
those countries. Current legal codes, amended to conform and mirror those of
Shariah, will be but paper tigers.

of times gone by. That is, of the rule of law, not of men, or of mullahs, or of
imams. Or of gangs.

Merkel is not a Know Nothing. She
knows exactly what she’s doing: Saving Germany by destroying Germany, as
Greenfield has put it. Merkel is driven by a Kantian
categorical imperative
to “do the
right thing
” by committing a form of suicide. But individuals afflicted by dementia – and that term best describes what
drives the European Union’s whole policy on the immigrant invasion, and in
particular Merkel’s – know what they’re doing, just as Hannibal Lector knew
what he was doing when he carved up people to eat.
is not a legitimate defense for murder, nor is it for the conscious subjugation
and surrender of one’s fellow citizens to barbarian Muslims and Islamic supremacists.