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The Malice of Diversity

One needs to grow the hide of a rhinoceros these
days to endure the constant, obsessive, near psychotic malice shown not only
for President Trump, but for all things
Western. The malice is almost tangible.
grown so old and calloused that one can’t make jokes about it anymore. Nothing
seems to be exempt from the malice: not Easter,
not the
and 1st
, not “whites,”
not bathrooms,
not mathematics,
not Israel,
not Jews,
not statues
(Confederate or not),
and a seemingly limitless cornucopia of issues – none of which is as comedic as
Basil Fawlty thrashing
his car
for dying or straight-faced Anderson Cooper interviewing Stormy
You must ask yourself: Has the universe
ceased to exist for the MSM? And for all the go-with-the-flow politicians who
take their public cues from social justice warriors? Is there no nook or cranny
in our culture that hasn’t been sprayed with Progressive disinfectant?
Or has it grown so inhospitable and toxic
for them that they cannot perceive of existence other than the idyllic prancing
unicorn paradise of diversity imagined by social justice warriors? Are the Left
and its sycophants auditioning for a Saturday Night Live parody special called,
“Every Injustice Corrected, Every Wrong Righted – There’s Nothing to Whine
About!”? They all seem to predictably scream “EEK!” at the sight of mouse, it’s
almost funny.
Although monotonous, the malice is real.
Others have called it the “Trump Syndrome.” The left will not accept the fact
of reality that Hillary Clinton lost the election and Trump won; reality has
trapped it in a Titan-like methane
and nitrogen
prancing unicorn of Never Trumpers

You might ask yourself: How can anyone stand
living in a state of denial for such a prolonged period of time? For one thing,
the black hearts of the Never
hate Trump and anyone with the least smidgen of agreement with him.
He stands for the America the MSM and its allies have always despised and
talked down to. They can stand it because they enjoy the hate and are quite at
home in that emotional realm. If they didn’t hate, they’d have nothing to be
for. They would be empty, without value to themselves or to anyone or anything
else. Hate and malice are their primary fuels.
It isn’t funny, because its ubiquity has so
saturated the culture that it has a negative
. It has affected virtually every realm and facet of the culture
and society, from academia and education, to business, to speech, and even to sports.
It colors everything, including jihadist
and the Parkland
.  It cannot last, and will
abate only if especially the MSM redefines itself and becomes a gaggle of responsible
real news reporters – and not  fake,
or become Progressive-agenda-free. (The MSM, although a plural term, is a
singular entity in most people’s minds.)  
Such an interminable state of mind will not
last because it cannot exist indefinitely without its minions going full-on
and losing all contact with or interest in reality. Insanity is not a profession
or a healthy “life style.” All those earnest, carefully coifed photogenic faces
on national TV will someday cross their eyes and begin to sound like Porky Pig. “That’s that’s…not
all folks!” Dementia will set in and not let go.

Who knows? Perhaps the SJWs will raise
an objection to Porky Pig and how stutterers have been offended and defamed by
the character for decades. I wouldn’t put it past the MSM and its fake news junkies to
raise the hue and cry. (Which would be wasted on me. The writer has a chronic
stuttering problem, but stuttering cartoon characters or stereotypes have never
offended me or bothered me in the least.) 

Those photogenic talking heads would
have a cause to champion and a reason to live in anything but the real world.


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  1. Edward Cline

    Diversity means tolerating British "grooming" gangs in one's town and telling the rape victims to be silent in the name of "tolerance." The police conform to that policy.

  2. Unknown

    There may be "Hate" on both sides, the Left and Right"
    but it is the Progressive/Multiculturalist who always
    add malice if at all possible. Petty schemes of oppression
    have been carried out by the millions. Violate the intellectual
    fascism of Political Correctness at work and lose your job,
    if you are White. Their continued application of malice
    will, eventually, be their downfall.

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