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The Mendicant and the Medal of Freedom

There is a glaring and ironic contradiction in President Barack Obama’s
bestowing of the Medal
of Freedom
on anyone. During his
two terms in the White House, he has done perhaps more than any other president
to reduce the range of freedom of individuals to achieve anything.
In the unlikely event I was ever nominated for the Medal of
Freedom, I would refuse to accept it, regardless of who was in the White House.
But I especially would refuse to accept it from a demonstrable liar, thief, and
I even question the purpose
of the Medal of Freedom, its name, and its propriety. It is awarded to
individuals “for especially [a] meritorious contribution to (1) the
security or national interests of the United States, or (2) world peace, or (3)
cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” It has as
much, or even less, genuine meaning as does an Oscar, or the Nobel Prize for
Peace or Literature. It is an empty symbol that serves to justify a ritual
burlesque. It is pure
government theater
. The character of the presidents who have awarded it
since its inception – technically, in 1945 by Harry S. Truman, a power-hungry
mediocrity elevated to the office on the death of FDR, and revised in 1963 by
John F. Kennedy, the charming fascist – makes the Medal’s association with freedom a sham.
And the baffling association of freedom with many who
have been
awarded the Medal is also covinous. I doubt I could stand in the
same room with any of them without getting into an unceremonious brouhaha. It
would be clock-cleaning time in the name of freedom. Bill Clinton would get at
least a black eye. Hillary would have her lying face slapped silly and as red
as Mao’s Little Red Book. Her friend,
former State Department aide, and intimate, Huma
, closely associated with the President’s favorite club, the Muslim
, and present at the ceremony, might fly to Hillary’s rescue and
try to scratch my eyes out. But I’m sure the Secret Service would rescue me
before that happened and escort me unceremoniously from the White
In Obama’s instance, it gave him a chance to field a few joshing,
cracker-barrel yuk-yuks, giving the ceremony all the dignity of a Friars’ Club
Celebrity Roast
, and also the opportunity to gloss over his own cruel ObamaCare
joke that Americans could keep their health insurance plans “if they liked
The implied, unnamed focus of the award is “public
service.” In service to what? To whom? Society? The American Medal of
Freedom is the closest thing to being thwacked on the shoulders with a sword by
the Queen of England and dubbed a knight of this, that, or the other of a
long-deceased empire. Freedom is dying in the U.S., and Obama doing his bit to
see that it hurries to its expiration.
I bear no grudge against the innocent victims of the charade; they
have been as much as elevated to sainthood by a government that ought not to be
anointing anyone. It is the proper role of government to recognize freedom by
protecting and upholding it, not emphasizing it while at the same time
engineering its incremental demise, and at the hands of individuals who are
freedom’s nemeses but who have also been awarded the Medal.  
Many of this year’s awardees of the Medal of Freedom are not so
innocent.  Bill Clinton, noted for his
corrupt “good ole boy” career in politics, advanced statism and made
a shambles of our foreign policy. Richard Luger is a mainstream Republican
nonentity who, among other offenses, endorsed Obama’s two radical left Supreme
Court nominees, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Nobel Prize in Chemistry
winner Mario Molina helped to promote the fraudulent science of how
chlorofluorocarbons from aerosols destroy the ozone layer; he was an ancillaory
pioneer of the global warming scam.  Gloria
Steinem helped to erect legislative and cultural divides between men and women
with her “radical feminism.” (No mention of her stint as an
undercover Playboy Bunny was made by Obama in his introductory remarks.) Patricia
McGowan Wald was a Bill Clinton appointee to the Court of Appeals for the District
of Columbia Circuit, as was  Ruth Bader
Ginsburg, another leftist now on the Supreme Court. She served for a while as
U.S. representative to the International
Criminal Tribune for the Former Yugoslavia
, which oversaw the convictions
and imprisonments of Serbs and other non-Muslims, but no Muslims, for alleged
war crimes (and Bill Clinton did his bit to ensure that the Muslims triumphed
in Bosnia). She also chairs the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations.
Then there’s Oprah Winfrey, alleged “journalist,” alleged
“actress,” media muggle, and all-round busybody and do-gooder,
another recipient of the Medal as a kind of kiss-and-make-up consolation prize,
except when she’s claiming that only
old white people are racists
and that the problem of racism will disappear
when they’re all dead. One supposes that it was all those white people who
stopped her from becoming a billionaire, especially all those white people in
the East Room of the White House, where the King of the Mountebanks presided
over the presentation of the Unicorn Awards.  
Of course, there is Barack Obama
, who in 2009 won a Nobel Peace Prize for having done absolutely
nothing, largely because everyone expected him to work for “peace.”
That’s quite a police line-up. Detective to witness: “Can you
identify the perpetrator who mugged you and robbed you of your freedom, your
wealth, your rights, your future and that of your children?” Witness:
“All of them.”
Since JFK recast the purpose of the Medal of Freedom in 1963, it
has been awarded to individuals in architecture, art, dance, film, literature,
music, photography, business and economics, computing, education, history, for
humanitarian work and social activism, to members of the media, to those active
in medicine, philanthropy, philosophy, to former presidents, for diplomacy,
environmentalism, to Supreme Court justices, First Ladies and astronauts, and
to sports figures. I’m surprised the categories don’t include landscaping,
cooking, and graffiti art. Surely, those activities contribute to our national
security interests and world peace, and are worthy cultural endeavors, as well.
The JFK-defined Medal of Freedom comports with his overall fascist
political agenda, and is awarded to those perceived by government functionaries
to have harkened to his famous inaugural maxim, “Ask not what your country
can do for you – but
what you can do for your country
,” whether or not doing something for
the country was their purpose. Ought the federal government be in the business
of defining what our culture is, what actions in it are worthy of recognition,
and deciding whether or not individuals have performed anything that is deemed
No. The recognition implied by the Medal of Freedom is wholly
subjective and arbitrary, and helps to establish and perpetuate a suffocating
pall of government-mandated approval of what Americans do, say, or think – or not.
And that is fascist,
with a dash of socialist mendacity mixed in for flavor.


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  1. blnelson2

    Simply brilliant!

  2. Edward Cline

    Barbara: Thank you.

  3. Edward Cline

    Also, Obama on Wednesday awarded the highest honor that can be bestowed Presidential Medal of Freedom to a homosexual who led the socialist party in the United States, Bayard Rustin (posthumously). I might have mentioned him, as well, in the column, but I didn't want to be accused of "racism" and homophobia." Rustin was a member of the Young Communist League, a youth organization, in his formative years.

  4. Unknown

    I sometimes wonder why I undervalue these characters. Surely these magnificent men and women are beyond reproach. At least we are led to believe as much. But there is something flawed and phony about all this undeserved recognition. Like going to a deli for a genuine Montreal smoked meat sandwich and getting phony baloney instead. It isn't real meat and these aren't really Medal of Freedom recipients. If you've ever sunk your teeth into real Montreal smoked, well you just can't be fooled with fancy baloney.
    Your blog reads like a well written food critic's review of phony fancy baloney . Really helpful if you've never had the real thing.
    Thanks for your reasoned and truthful writing. I always get a 'wow' moment when i read your blog. Even if I have to reach for the dictionary.

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