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The “Mental Illness” of Islamic PC

Daniel Greenfield comments on how the authorities
(East, West, South, and North) engage in tongue-twisting, mental gymnastics to
avoid “offending” the Islamic Ummah by ascribing the latest stabbing, rape, or
murder by a member of the Muslim flock to “mental illness” or lack of
employment opportunities, and other external drivers. The Press complies with
the explanations also for fear of raising the lice-ridden hackles of Muslims. The
latest episode occurred in Australia.

A model of madness

media is describing the Muslim terrorist as a French man. Because if it’s
anything the French are known for, it’s shouting “Allahu Akbar”. and
stabbing random non-Muslims
French national allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” during and after a stabbing
attack that left a British woman dead and another Briton fighting for his life
at a backpackers hostel outside of Townsville last night.
extremist motivations for the attack are now being investigated by Queensland
Police and the Australian Federal Police, with the man yet to be questioned by
Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said the 29 -year-old
French man shouted the phrase following the attack at the hostel at Home Hill,
south of Townsville, but police had not determined whether the incident was
terror related.
knows? Maybe the “French” stabber was expressing his Francophonic
distaste of Brits by shouting Allahu Akbar. 
this information will be factored into the investigation, we are not ruling out
any motivations at this stage, whether they be political or criminal,” he told
reporters in Brisbane.
will also consider whether mental health or drug misuse factors are involved in
this incident.”
stones will not be overturned in the
search for a motive, particularly those marked with the telltale symbol of “Islam.”
We don’t want to offend Muslims by blaming Islam for horrendous crimes randomly
committed by a “radicalized” Muslim. “Allahu Akbar” just might be his misspoken
utterance of “I’m a little teapot!” and the fellow had a speech impediment that
aggravated his emotional outbreak!
So, heads are being scratched in Australia – call
it a kind of infectious, epistemological psoriasis – in France, Britain,
Germany, and in the U.S. because, you see, anyone shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he
stabs away at a “random non-Muslim” cannot be said to be a jihadi or an
“immigrant” or a “refugee.” That would be a defamation of the man’s character,
and would come automatically under the rubric of “hate speech” and/or
“Islamophobia,” which is by PC definition a “crime.” But if the evidence is
overwhelming concerning his “motivation” and individuals refuse to grant it any
role in the crime, who is the actual mentally ill person? Or is he a kind of
mental doppelganger of the criminal?

The mental illness being reported has two classes
of the afflicted: Muslims, who are by definition mentally ill (who else but
someone not in his right mind would exalt a killer, rapist, bandit, all in the
name of AllahWall – Wallah for short – as a moral ideal, and expect everyone
else to acknowledge and defer to the sanity of the insanity, or else), and the
Mainstream Media (MSM) or the Massagers of the Seven Mongoloids.
Let us examine mental illness.
A Wikipedia article
A mental disorder
(also called a mental illness,[1]
or psychiatric disorder) is a diagnosis,
most often by a psychiatrist, of a behavioral or mental pattern that
may cause suffering
or a poor ability to function in life. Such
features may be persistent, relapsing and remitting, or occur as a single
episode. Many disorders have been described, with signs and symptoms that vary
widely between specific disorders….
Patterns of belief,
language use and perception of reality can become disordered (e.g., delusions, thought
, hallucinations). Psychotic disorders in this domain include schizophrenia,
and delusional disorder. Schizoaffective disorder is a category
used for individuals showing aspects of both schizophrenia and affective
disorders. Schizotypy
is a category used for individuals showing some of the characteristics
associated with schizophrenia but without meeting cutoff criteria.
Common mental disorders
include depression, which affects about 400
million, dementia
which affects about 35 million, and schizophrenia,
which affects about 21 million people globally. Stigma
and discrimination can add to the suffering
and disability
associated with mental disorders, leading to various social
attempting to increase understanding and challenge social
Let’s just say that Islam incubates all the
categories of these “mental disorders,” especially if the “pattern of belief,”
a certain language, and a skewed “perception of reality” figure largely in a
Muslim’s daily thoughts and routines and infect everything he does or feels. From
day one of his existence he is a product of the Islamic hatchery, taught to
hove rigidly and unquestioningly in preparation to emerge as a devout Muslim
(when he reaches biological adulthood or post-adolescence) and non-entity in
the eyes of his imaginary deity. One could say that reaching maturity in an
Islamic environment has steadily undercut and sabotaged his cognitive faculties
and powers of reason, and that he is as much of “victim” of Islam as are the
many thousands of non-Muslims killed by Muslims. Let us say that he sees the
world, others, and himself with borrowed eyes, eyes as evil as Rasputin’s – or
But few of us have ever encountered a Muslim who was
uncomfortable with the status of being a permanent mental cripple, and
who would  never risk breaking from a
lifetime habit of not thinking, of not fearing thought itself, and of  not feeling a seething hate of those who don’t
hesitate to question and think. Your average jihadi down deep to the
core of his soul (or of his mind) fears and hates reality more than he does the
infidel. In the midst of raping, knifing, bombing, or torturing his victims, aside
from shouting “Allahu Akbar!” his inner voice is screaming, “You did not
conform to my reality! This is your punishment! You cannot be allowed to
remain in existence! Wallah orders me to wipe you out! He does not really favor
the compassionate! Die! Die and suffer! Be shamed! You are conquered!”
The average Muslim is as much a prisoner of Islamic
Political Correctness
as Westerners are prisoners of secular,
mind-shackling political correctness. But while Western PC allows one some
“elbow room” to negotiate reality, Islam locks Muslims in a mental
straightjacket, one which disables whatever minimal link to reality they might
have, and turns them into self-destructive Golems, or walking-talking,
half-human automatons, many passive, others who do not feel “real” until they work
themselves into a frenzy of malice. Every criminal action committed by a jihadi
is meant to be a strike against reality, and destruction is perceived to be a
corrective remedy, destruction for destruction’s sake, of the good for being
the good. Wallah wills it! So it must be done! Else Wallah will frown at the
candidate jihadi if he fails to act and deny him that perfect state of
non-existence, Paradise.
Muslims might have an excuse for their mental
illness. There can be none for Westerners such as Commissioner Gollschewski and
his colleagues in Australia (and elsewhere around the globe). His job
necessarily requires the grasping of criminal evidence, and if he refuses to
grant evidence any role in his investigation, then he is of no use to anyone,
he is guilty of a miscarriage of justice, and may as well be abetting the
commission of more Islam-inspired crime. The same can be said about any
cravenly PC dhimmi in law enforcement anywhere.

Complicit in abetting Islamic crime is the MSM,
whose shoulders are heavily flaked with years of dandruff from its own
congenital head scratching about Islam. The MSM is as delusional about Islam as
are Muslims.


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  1. Rob McVey

    Ed, There's an argument for the MSM to be swimming in the same waters as Islam; like fish so habituated they can't tell it's the common worldview of leftists, progressives-cum-statists. On that basis of moral equivocation they wouldn't even be perturbed enough to scratch off the dandruff.

    — Rob McVey, T4B

  2. Jimmy D

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Jimmy D

    Mr. Cline, since Marxists view religion as the opiate of the masses, I cannot understand why the left defends Islam so vehemently and viciously attacks any criticisms. I find this perplexing considering the contrast between stated leftist values (e.g. same sex marriage, abortion, etc.) and Islamic beliefs. The left has no such love for Christians whose beliefs are far less extreme than what is put forth by many Muslim clerics and the Quran Maybe you can help me understand, because I cannot figure out what they have to gain from this madness.

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