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The Red Thread

There is more blatant corruption, sniveling conspiracy,  and underhanded intrigue revealed in Diana West’s new book, The Red Thread, than in the Kevin Spacey version of The House of Cards, which ran on Netflix from 2013 to 2018. The actors behind the attempted coup against Donald Trump, however, are bland, nondescript nonentities and mediocrities  — James Comey, John Brennan, Christopher Steele, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, Reinhold Niebuhr (Who!?!!), the Kramer brothers, Bill Browder and his family, and a passel of others, none of them engaging actors, able to credibly project the immorality and  villainy of their characters.

None of them is a Frank or Claire Underwood, though their insatiable hunger for power and control is not fictional and their appetite for power nearly cost this country the 2016 election. And the one character in the series I detested the most in House of Cards was Doug Stamper, Frank’s loyal assistant, “researcher,” gofer, arranger, blackmailer, and Mafia-like enforcer.  

They don’t exude or broadcast evil or show any tell-tale signs of duplicity, malice, or a drooling unquenchable appetite for power or a penchant for lying and deceit. They’re about as average-looking as anyone you’d have to wait in line behind at a Wal-Mart check-out. We’re not dealing here with Jack-and-the Beanstock monsters, nor with Leviathans or Behemoths. But rather with a swarm of human termites.
The full title of West’s book is The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.  Red Threads could be said to be an overture to West’s other knock-em-flat title, American Betrayal (reviewed by me twice (,  is a much longer work that details the rise of Communist influence in the U.S. in the 1930s and during the FDR years.

 “Disinganno,” by Francesco Quierolo, 
marble, Naples, 1754
West found the “drivers” of these conspirators. It took hard work and meticulous and truth-respecting research. On the other hand, given the globalist color of the “investigation” of Donald Trump, the drivers weren’t hard to find.  The information was there but not so hard to grasp. The principal driver was Communism and/or a concomitant hatred and malice for Trump as a threat  to the conspirators’ desire for the status quo. Diana West can be said to be our Francesco Queirolo, the Genoese creator of the 18th century marble sculpture, Release from Deception, which shows a man being freed from an entangling fisherman’s net.
In December 2017, Fox News’ James Rosen broke a pair of stories about a most intriguing married couple, Nellie and Bruce Ohr.
Nellie, we learned, worked as a Russian expert for Fusion GPS, a private research firm that was a nexus of covert pro-Hillary/anti-Trump operations. The firm’s most famous [or notorious] product (brackets mine)  is the set of 16 memos known as the Steele dossier, named for its purported author, retired British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele…[t]his Steele dossier was secretly funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, which had funneled payments to Fusion GPS via the law firm Perkins Cole. (p. 3)


Nellie’s father, Richard L. Hauke, was a botany professor. His listed works are mainly scientific, but his biographical notes highlight more political interests in creationism, bioethics, and, circa 1983-1985, “nuclear winter.”


Nellie’s husband, Bruce Ohr, was a top official at the Justice Department, which was also, as we learned, a nexus of covert HillaryTrump operations. In his story, Rosen reported that Bruce had been demoted prior to the stoy’s publication for his failure to disclose his wife’s employment with Fusion GPS and his contacts with Steele both before and after the 2016 action…
It is tempting to skip over much of Ohr’s academic history, but much of what West learned is pertinent to understanding the threads she reveals., especially in relation to the Steele dossier.  This is also true about the other principal subjects; Comey, Brennan, et al.
Nellie graduated from Harvard-Radcliffe with a B.A. in Russian history and literature in 1983. While at Harvard, she met Bruce Ohr, her future husband, who would go on to graduate from Harvard Law School in 1987. While her professor father was mulling “nuclear winter,” Harvard Professor Richard Pipes, a well-known scholar of Survival Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future. In the book…he thanks his assistant, Nellie Hauke for her “dedicated work.”  Not only was Pipes a prominent anti-communist on Harvard’s senior faculty, he had just completed a stint on Ronald Reagan’s National Secuirity Council as Director of East European and Soviet Affairs. Was young Nellie breaking with her family’s political traditions?
 West remarked, “Highly doubtful…”(p. 6)
James Comey is as much a  crooked piece of work as is Robert Mueller., the “special counsel” investigating Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia to secure the 2016 election.  His “moral compass” is a theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr, basically unknown to us today. Wikipedia has this information on him and the description of him fits West’s thread:
Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971) was an American Reformed theologian, ethicist, commentator on politics and public affairs, and professor at Union Theological Seminary for more than 30 years…. A public theologian, he wrote and spoke frequently about the intersection of religion, politics, and public policy, with his most influential books including Moral Man and Immoral Society and The Nature and Destiny of Man…. Starting as a minister with working-class sympathies in the 1920s and sharing with many other ministers a commitment to pacifism and socialism, his thinking evolved during the 1930s to neo-orthodox realist theology as he developed the philosophical perspective known as Christian realism…. Niebuhr’s contributions to political philosophy include utilizing the resources of theology to argue for political realism. His work has also significantly influenced international relations theory, leading many scholars to move away from idealism and embrace realism.[25] A large number of scholars, including political scientists, political historians, and theologians, have noted his influence on their thinking. Aside from academics, numerous politicians, and activists such as former US Presidents Barack Obama[26] and Jimmy Carter;[27] Myles Horton, Martin Luther King Jr., Hillary Clinton, Hubert Humphrey, Dean Acheson, James Comey, Madeleine Albright, and John McCain have also cited his influence on their thought.[… Recent years have seen a renewed interest in Niebuhr’s work, in part because of Obama’s stated admiration for Niebuhr.
Comey the “Christian” realist, after investigating Hillary Clinton’s basement server, and finding that it violated national security, hoving on or  near treason, decided that the most “realist” thing to do was  to not  indict her. She was extremely “careless,” averred  Comey, but not “criminal.”

West writes:
The key to Comey seems to be the constant in his intellectual life: Reinhold Niebuhr.  Whether as a college Communist studying Niebuhr in the Reagan years, a top Republican appointee to the Bush Justice Department, , or a post-Republican, an ex-FBI Director fired by Trump, James Comey has consistently attested to Niebuhr’s deep influence on his thinking….
Niebuhr was a prominent, militant member of the Socialist Party (1930-1940), publicly well-known of his Marxist “ideas and approaches”…including “social ownership” of property, the use of violence to bring about political change, and his membership in over one dozen Communist organizations, including in leadership positions, which advanced the Kremlin line. …(p. 41)
In 1941, Niebuhr, with 16 co-authors, signed on to “A Declaration of World Democracy” in The City of Man, a slim volume pointing to the Constitution’s repeal. Certainly, the Bill of Rights had to go – or be tied, the authors write, to a “Bill of Duties” and supplemented by a Bill of Economic Rights.” To wit: “But the Bill of Rights pledging that no private property shall be ‘taken for public use without just compensation ‘ must be supplemented with a Bill of Duties stating that no private property can be tolerated outside the framework of just social use.” (p. 44)
West makes it obvious, in discussing Comey’s moral roots, that one of his principal drivers was the activism of a Leftist theologian.
Finally, on Comey, the dillitante and practitioner of Niehuhrian Pragmatism, West quotes from Comey’s college thesis, to underscore his conviviality with the conspirators:
However, it is wrong for the Christian [Niebuhr writes] “to regard every political decision as simply derived from our faith. This is a wrong answer because political issues deal with complex problem of justice, every solution for which contains  morally ambiguous  elements. All political positions are morally ambiguous because in the realm of politics  and economics, self-interest and power must be harnessed and beguiled rather than eliminated. In other words, forces that are dangerous  must be used despite their peril….{Emphasis added}
No, writes West, “in other words, “the ends justify the means. Pre-exonerating Hillary Clinton in the FBI investigation of her unsecured server – and failing to conduct the required damage assessment of the security breach – is really nothing on the Niebuhr-Comey spectrum of amoral possibility. …It is the duty of a Christian in politics to have no specific “Christian politics.” (p. 47)
Nor is it anything which Comey, Niebuhr, and the anti-Trump conspirators ever much chewed their nails over.
While West provides us with a cornucopia of  clues to the moral “back story” of each these creatures, I couldn’t pass up this gem, which I’d read in unconfirmed reports of before, but West confirms it: Former CIA director John Brennan converted to Islam.

In the post Labor-Day-stretch of the 2016 campaign, …Brennan began to unravel his own red thread. It went back four decades to the Ford-Carter presidential contest in 1976, when, as a 21yeear old Fordham University political science major, John Brennan decided to vote for Communist Party USA boss Gus Hall. Lenin School graduate, U.S. convicted revolutionary and, by 1976, a Soviet puppet for nearly five decades…
Brennan was CIA director then he exploded this CP bombshell during a September 16, 2016, panel discussion of “diversity  in the intelligence community.” Given that the CIA was organized to help stop Communist expansion abroad, what better defines “diversity” in its ranks than hiring a 1976 supporter of expanding communism in this country ? Not much – except perhaps elevating John Brennan to direct the flagship agency in an era of resurgent jihad . accordingly to  fomer FBI special agent and Islam subject-matter expert John Guandolo and former CIA chief of station Brad Johnson. Brennan was the target of a successful Saudi intelligence operation to convert him to Islam during Brennan’s stint, circa 1996, as CIA station chief  in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As Guandolo has stated: “The facts of the matter are confirmed by U.S. government officials  who were in Saudi Arabia the same time.
This is the same Brennan who protested Donald Trump cancelling Brennan’s security clearance.

Diana West concludes her mesmerizing expose’  with:
While still a work in progress, I hope this study recalibrates our focus on events. The anti-Trump conspiracy is not about Democrats and Republicans. It is not about the ebb and flow of political power, lawfully and peacefully transferred. It is about globalists and nationalists, just as the president says. They are locked in the old and continuous Communist/anti-Communist struggle, and fighting to the end, whether  We, the anti-Communists, recognize it or not.
I pray we recognize it.

As she intimated here: More to come. Stay tuned.


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