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The Sexual Savaging of Europe

Just a brief note: In the wake of the mass Cologne
Grope/Rape assaults that were repeated in other European cities, my November 14th
column, “Raping the Swedish Corpse,” has risen in
page views on Rule of Reason and on Leading the page views,
appearing not only for the first time in the page view statistics but leading
them ahead of the U.S., Russia, France, and Germany is Norway. Significantly absent is Sweden
itself. Sweden has appeared in the statistics occasionally in the past. 
column that is a few months old on Rule of Reason usually fades into the
distant past and from the statistics. But the Swedish Corpse column has
rebounded in the wake of Cologne. Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna has kept up
an almost 24/7 account of what is looking like a planned, ISIS-style assault on
Europe. It boasted months ago that its agents were among the hundreds of
thousands of “refugees” pouring into Europe’s borderless nations, and that they
would strike.
Baron Bodissey on January 8th ran this column which
delves into the simultaneous but not “spontaneous” assaults on European women, “The Larger Motive Behind the Groping Jihad.”
The city authorities covered up what had
happened for as long as they could. They didn’t want to acknowledge that young
women had been molested under the eyes of their police, and they especially
didn’t want to admit that most of the gropers were recently-arrived “refugees”
from North Africa and the Middle East. It wasn’t until last Sunday that the
news of what happened was splashed across the headlines in Germany and the rest
of Europe. And it took several more days to learn that Stuttgart, Frankfurt,
Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and other German cities had experienced the same sort of
incidents on New Year’s Eve. Later we found out that the same thing occurred in
Helsinki, Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, Oslo, and Stockholm. I’m certain that we’ll
eventually hear of incidents in other major European cities that have a
significant “refugee” population.
In each city the modus operandi seemed to be
the same: a large number of young men, often intoxicated and setting off
fireworks, preying on young women in a coordinated fashion, as if the whole
thing were planned and organized in advance. Which it may well have been — but
in a distributed fashion, not with a central command structure.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did not order his troops
to carry out attacks. But he didn’t have to — this is Islam, and any
good Muslim who has paid attention to what is preached in mosques and
instructed in madrassas knows exactly what to do.
Not to mention what is preached in the Koran. The Baron indirectly adopts my
own label for Islam and its cipher-like zombies: Star Trek’s the Borg.
third layer of purpose is more subtle. To understand it, you have to understand
Islam as an organism, as a hive mind that acts through many agents but with a
single program.
organism is now expanding into new territory, feeling its way as it goes,
assessing the presence of the enemy and attempting to determine the strength
and nature of his response to the incursion. One way to test the enemy’s mettle
is to target his women.
This army of “refugees” made a statement on New
Year’s Eve in Cologne (and in Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, Oslo, Stockholm, and
elsewhere: Islam is here, and we’re claiming your women. After all, Verse 16.71 and
other verses assert:
Allah hath favored some of you above others in provision. Now those who are
more favored will by no means hand over their provision to those (slaves)
whom their right hands possess
, so that they may be equal with them
in respect thereof. Is it then the grace of Allah that they deny?
And thousands of right hands were making their
claims of possession in Cologne and other European cities that New Year’s Eve.  Probing, Fondling. Raping.
Britain’s The Daily Mail has extensive coverage of
the assaults and the aftermath here.
So, we know all about German and European women. But,
where are all the German and European men? Have they been castrated? Turned into eunuchs
by their education and political upbringing?
One of them might answer: “That’s not fair! We’re not
afraid of Muslims. We know they’re bigots. But we don’t want to be called
Islamophobes, or bigots, or ‘right-wingers.’ We’re very upset. We don’t know
what to do.”
Then, gentlemen, you can kiss your country goodbye,
and your womenfolk, too.


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  1. Unknown

    I tend to think it's over for Europe (and probably the US). Thousands of years of evolution (or whatever you consider the cause of human change) produced in European men a strong desire to protect their wives and daughters, and 50 years of leftism and feminism have destroyed it. In Europe men are more worried about being called the racist then they are about their daughters being raped.

  2. Edward Cline

    Steve: That may well be why European men tend to be such wussies.

  3. Dymphna

    Not all of them are. I'm reading Tommy Robinson's "Enemy of the State". I highly recommend it. He mentions Pamela helping his family when he was in jail. Best use of her money yet.

    Those pictures of EU women were collected by the B from a broad range of sites: Italian, French, German, Danish, etc. There is something about beauty – male or female – that is hardwired into our DNA: the Greeks had it right with their triumvirate of Truth, Beauty, and Good.

    We've separated them and ruined it.


  4. Edward Cline

    Dymphna: My apologies for the "theft" of the illustration for RoR. Couldn't resist it.

    I don't regard Brits as "European." Culturally, they've kept an arm's length from Continental culture. So I don't regard them as wussies.

    You're right about truth, beauty, and good. They've been split asunder by postmodern claptrap. And Muslims, envious, want to destroy them completely. And one can't ignore the racial hatred Middle Easterners and North Africans have for whites.

  5. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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