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Thumbs Down on Voltaire Press

Those of you who visit the Voltaire Press Facebook
site should be advised that I have been permanently blocked from leaving
comments on it that contradict the premises, assumptions, and conclusions of
the pro-open borders and pro-open immigration narrative, and, indeed, from even
visiting the Voltaire Press Facebook site.
The link you
followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

Also, the new manager of Voltaire Press
remains anonymous,
and has refused multiple times to identify himself. It is certainly not Gary
Hull, who has vanished, but who would never upbraid me for providing links to
news stories that contradict that narrative (I am aware of the particulars of
his status, as some of you might be).
Most of the patrons who do leave posts on
the Voltaire Press page are what I call rationalizing, picayune “bean
counters” and dabblers trying to reconcile Objectivism, a philosophy of
reason,  with a variety of straw men
issues, and who deny the perils of an Obama-staged
of illegals, not only from Mexico and Central America, but now, it
has been reported by Texas
and the FBI,
by Islamic jihadists
from the Mideast and Africa. This is aside from their erroneous premise that
the U.S. it not at war with Islam (contrary
to what President Obama said in Cairo
and elsewhere, Islam is at war with us), and so immigration restrictions of
potentially hostile immigrants are not morally justified. This is tantamount to
residents of a burning building discussing the nature of fire, about who might
or might not be the arsonist, and having a coffee klatch to discuss shades of
meaning, instead of escaping from the conflagration or attempting to put out
the flames.
It’s the caliber of intellectual discussion
that gives intellectual discussion a bad name.
Anyway, visit Voltaire Press on Facebook and
see for yourself the character of the discussion. I’m done with Voltaire Press,
and it with me. I’ll continue to fight the battles that need to be fought, and
Voltaire Press can go on bean-counting and erecting scarecrows.
Another person’s posts whose arguments
against the unrealistic policies of open borders and open immigration were also
deleted. I do not know if he has been banned, as well.
Over the course of a week, my comments were
repeatedly deleted from the Voltaire Press Facebook page by the current Wizard
of Oz-like anonymous manager without reason or explanation, except that the
mystery person once wrongly opined that I had called Keith
names, which I certainly had not.
My last, futile, and subsequently deleted
comments were to refer to that practice and to the anonymity of the host as an
instance of “impeachable cowardice.” I’m surprised that no regular
visitor to Voltaire Press’s Facebook page has ever requested that this person
remove his Guy Fawkes mask and reveal his identity. Obviously, this person has
something to hide to be so stubbornly mute in his refusals. In all the debates I’ve
ever witnessed, the moderator’s identity has always been known.

Now that my posts have been removed from
the site, no one can judge for himself what I said, whether it was germane to
the topic or in the way of character assassinations.   
Readers here may remember that during the
imbroglio over the Ground Zero mosque a few years back, and whether or not Muslims
had a right to erect a victory mosque blocks away from the site of the
destroyed World Trade Center (e.g., “It’s private property!” and
“It’s freedom of religion!” and etc.), everyone knew my identity. I
did not delete the posts of those who disagreed with me from my Facebook site,
except the nastiest ones that resorted to ad hominems, nor did I block anyone
from visiting my site.
Another curious consequence of the ban is
that Mr. Guy Fawkes must necessarily repudiate my essay, commissioned and
written under the aegis of Voltaire Press, and published in May 2013, “Islam’s
Reign of Terror.” But, that essay
is still linked
to Voltaire Press. Excerpts of it appeared on Rule
of Reason
and elsewhere.
Some time before the Ed Mazlish
and Keith Weiner
articles raised the hackles of the open-borders/open immigration clique, I
queried Voltaire Press about publishing “Islam’s Reign of Terror” as
a print book and on Kindle. There was no response to that query. Months,
passed, and, being unable to contact Gary Hull, who commissioned the essay, because
his Duke University and personal email accounts were disabled (all my email
queries to his addresses were rejected as “undeliverable”), I went
ahead and published the essay on Amazon
and on Kindle. Sales of both editions reflect a more significant interest in
the subject than perhaps was reflected on Voltaire Press.
Well, there are “open borders”
and there are “open discussions.” Draw your own conclusions.  Voltaire Press is free to block access to its
Facebook page to anyone it chooses, and to delete posts it does not like left by
its readers. But, for Mr. Guy Fawkes, there is a terrific, well-paying job
waiting for him with the New York Times, or at the Ministry of Truth.
And, that is the end of that.


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  1. Dymphna

    This is a sad commentary. I had no idea Voltaire Press had continued beyond Gary Hull's original insight…

    Gary Hull was brave enough to publish all the cartoons that Yale refused to do when one of its authors wrote on the problems encountered by Danish cartooonists in daring to draw Mohammed. IOW, a book about the cartoon controversy would be published sans any of the illustrations being discussed in the book. This bizarre outcome was due to Yale's last-minute cowardice.

    Amazon didn't play it straight with Dr. Hull, informing would-be customers that it would take weeks to get their orders sent while Dr Hull had boxes and boxes of them, ready to go.

    I'm not privy to what happened to Dr Hull at Duke. Is he gone??

    "Open" Borders believers obviously don't believe in sovereignty, a disbelief I find disturbing in the extreme. Whatever they have is theirs and whatever you have is theirs…

    … "impeachable cowardice"? A good term for most of those who believe also in free speech for me, but not for thee.

    Do you read Ann Corcoran's "Refugee Resettlement Watch"? She has been been keeping a detailed log for years of the under-the-radar intrusions, aided and abetted by faith-based orgs & promoted by the State Dept. Many small towns have been left holding the bag after 6 months or so, trying to cope w/ primitive, unhealthy illiterate 3rd world people with no skills suitable for a 1st world country.

    The current mass invasions of children are simply an opportunity to sell these kids to sex traffickers beginning in the southwest but gradually fanning out across the country. You might well ask who the Head Pimp is in all of this…

    What is going on here as these floods of "children" move across the border makes the pimping and grooming in the Pakistani-held parts of England look like kindergarten games.

    In not-too-many years from now those disposable, ruined kids – the ones who aren't killed – will be dumped on the streets across America. They will be feral and ferocious. It will be southside Chicago squared.

    That is just one of the penalties for trampling sovereignty in the name of some credulous, infinitely harmful "compassion".

  2. Edward Cline

    Dympna: Thanks for your remarks. Not too many people have visited this article (I can tally page views), or rather, many have, but are afraid to leave comments. Dr. Hull is no longer at Duke, but somewhere in Central America. I pubished Islam's Reign of Terror as a print book and on Kindle. It's doing well in terms of sales. As for who's now running Voltaire Press, as I note in my column here, that's a big question mark. But it's clearly not the Dr. Hull I dealt with, but some namby-pamby pseudo-Objectivist.

  3. Anna

    Gary Hull is not in Central America. He was recently arrested in Galena, Missouri for identity theft and a felony fugitive out of state. Arrest number 15-080501. The fugitive charge is from NC where he fled from Duke after being charged with embezzlement. I am sorry to have to tell you that you are among the many that were duped by him. The only person at "Voltaire Press" has always been Gary. There has never been anyone else involved. You misrepresent his motives for publishing as brave when, in fact, it was merely a vehicle for self-promotion and a marketing ploy. He has always twisted the ideas and ideals of Objectivism to suit his own personal interests and desires trying to justify even his own immoral and, now, criminal behavior. Gary Hull believes his own intellect to be so superior to others that the world owes him. If you are truly aware of everything going on, you would not continue to promote his false personna. Those involved with Founders College know better the extent to which his delusions of grandeur led to massive misrepresentations and outright lies.

  4. Edward Cline

    Anna: I can act only on what I know. Rumors about Gary Hull's comings and goings are pretty rife. I met Mr. Hull very briefly during a Founders College event. His whereabouts and situation have been the subject of wild speculation ever since he vanished from Duke. I haven't pursued it because it is the content of his Voltaire Press about Islam that was my chief focus and not his character, which I presumed was honest and upright. As for Founders College and its demise, that was also a episode from "Outer Limits." But in regards to Voltaire Press and Islam, Islam is not a subject I have been duped over, as you probably know if you're familiar with my position on the subject. I have not been in correspondence with Mr. Hull for years, his having never replied to my queries. I gave up.

  5. Edward Cline

    Anna and other readers: I was notified of this development, Mr. Hull's arrest, only this morning by CAC. Thus the delayed response. Further, I can't say with Anna's assuredness what Hull's motives were for publishing his material on Islam on Voltaire Press, so I can hardly "misrepresent" them. He did raise the hue and cry about Islam. Mr. Hull contracted me to write a pamphlet, which I wrote. It is now one of my best-selling nonfiction titles, together with "A Handbook on Islam." One can hardly "misrepresent" Islam, given its especially recent record of massacres and wanton destruction in the Mideast.

  6. Edward Cline

    Doing a search for Gary Hull's arrest record online, I came up with these links, some of which feature a mug shot of "Gary Leonard Hull." I cannot tell if the person in the mug shots is the Gary Hull we are discussing. But Anna's remarks contain no more information than is in these links.

    Hull arrest links:

    The facial features are similar but not definite. Access to more detailed reports on his arrest and background are not free. In every instance, one is asked for pay for those details, which I'm not willing to do. Anyone else have the spare change?

  7. Edward Cline

    A reader who prefers to remain anonymous remarked that we shouldn’t be discussing Gary Hull so publicly.

    On the contrary, the original post was about the apparent demise or the dubious status of Voltaire Press. As I explained to others via emails, I lost contact with Gary Hull, who created and was behind Voltaire Press, and who commissioned me to write the pamphlet on Islam. His non-response to my email queries about turning the pamphlet into a salable book was at first annoying, then worrisome. A couple of years have passed, and naturally there was speculation about his circumstances and whereabouts. That a prominent champion of freedom and capitalism should simply vanish without a trace was and remains a serious concern. If Harry Binswanger abruptly disappeared, would not anyone be in the least curious about what had happened to him? Would not individuals query others about his circumstances and whereabouts?

    Mr. Hull's arrest in Missouri is certainly newsworthy. It is not Fox News worthy, but it is important to know. We do not know the reason why he has turned up a charged felon. We do not know where he has been all this while. A warrant for his arrest for embezzlement was outstanding. The warrant was executed. There is the matter of the charge of identity theft. If Mr. Hull is truly a criminal, then that fact needs to be known by anyone concerned about the advancement of capitalism. If the charges are unfounded, then that fact should also be known once substantiated. But I'm afraid the Missouri police do not arrest people on specious or trumped up charges. I doubt they care very much that he was a champion of capitalism and a vocal enemy of Islam and once taught at a prestigious Eastern university. The fact that he "has a kid" is irrelevant. We don't know the kid nor how old he is. I doubt that Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have ever heard of Gary Hull or Voltaire Press. Or even of me. Mr. Hull's current circumstances are a legitimate, if limited, topic of discussion. Pretending this never happened is not a practical policy, nor is remaining silent about it.
    Finally, arrest records are a matter of public information.

  8. Anonymous

    The mugshot is most definitely Gary Leonard Hull.

    Hull has a daughter, aged 11 or 12. In 2012 Hull sought to form a private secondary school with another family. He visited LePort Schools in California to help organize this new school. His relationship with the other family soured, thus severely limiting his ability to form a school (afterwards, he found and financed a stooge to litigate against the other family in retaliation). During this period he sought full custody of his daughter from his ex-wife. In the summer of 2013, the ultimate trial for custody commenced. Gary was represented by counsel and Laura represented herself, suing to retain visitation. The true and real Gary Hull was fully revealed during this trial: Laura was given full custody.

    Losing custody was Hull's downfall. He had been brain washing and grooming his daughter to be the ultimate proof of his intellectual superiority (he would boast that she would be in graduate school by the time she was 16); without his pawn, he was lost. This is when he (allegedly) embezzled from Duke University, sold his house and ceased all contact with his child.

    Hull is a phony, capable only of regurgitating the ideas of others, and presenting them as his own.

    It is surprising that another reader remarked that we shouldn't be discussing Hull so publicly. I am surprised he has any friends remaining.

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