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Western Death Wishes

It is quite obvious that Islam inculcates a
death wish among Muslims, even in the “pacific” numbers of the
“silent majority” of them. Wishing death on non-Muslims of every
variety and stripe, even at the price of a Muslim’s own life, is the
fundamental fabric of the creed, which lends itself to a life-stifling,
totalitarian politics, an imperative that brooks no question. This is patently
demonstrated, for example, by Hamas’s determined and suicidal attack on Israel.
It’s almost as though Hamas pinned a “Kick Me” sign on its own filthy
Hamas wants to be “martyred,” in
the name of killing Jews.
No other religion, to my knowledge, is the
foundation of an existing polity. Christians claim that the U.S. is founded on
Christian principals, and that is clearly
not true
. Nor has it ever been true. The Puritans came to our shores to
establish a communistic religious state. It failed when its crops failed.
Israel is claimed to be founded on
principals founded in the Torah. That is clearly not true. There are no
governments founded on Buddhist tenets, either. The U.S., Israel, and other
Western nations are governed by secular rules and laws, however faulty they
might be, and are called “democracies.” There is nothing
“democratic” in any religion. Christian congregations do not vote on
whether God sports a long beard, wears a nightgown, and traipses around the
universe in sandals, or uses a Gillette razor and Aqua Velva, dons an Armani
suit, and hikes around in L.L. Bean mountain boots. They simply accept the
standard iconography.
To my knowledge, only one of the three main
religions of the world specifically prescribes a nihilistic, totalitarian way
of living – or of dying: Islam. Shintoism,
or emperor worship, was a driving force behind Japanese belligerency in the
last century. Nazism
was a kind of religion, as well.
However, Western philosophy has sired its
own death wishes. Kant, Hegel, Comte, and other thinkers concocted ways for
Western culture to implode and leave bloody messes on floors, ceilings and
windows of history.
Western death wishes, metastasized by such
irrational elements as moral relativism, multiculturalism, diversity,
subjectivism, and so on, all contribute to the overall Western death wish, and
manifest themselves in a number of realms. Such as in the news media.
I left this comment on a Washington Post
article that grieves over Palestinian casualties. The story ran July 21st
with the headline, “More
than 100 Palestinians dead in worst day of Gaza conflict; Israel denies soldier
Why does the Post
and other American newspapers stress, emphasis, and beat us over our heads
about the number of alleged “Palestinians” killed? Why should we
care? The “Palestinians” and Hamas use “civilians” as human
shields. Hide them in ambulances with Hamas “soldiers,” plant rocket
launch sites and arsenals in the midst of civilian neighborhoods, near
hospitals and schools. Aside from these alleged Palestinian casualties, why
don’t the Post and other Leftard newspapers report on the hundreds of Israelis
killed by Hamas, Al Queda, the Al-Asshole Brigades and the like? Is this paper
anti-Semitic, or what? Israel is the only civilized, developed, free country in
the Middle East. Why do you people hate it? Why do you wish to see it
destroyed? Are you people hoping for a massacre of Israelis? Hamas initiated
force against Israel; Israel has retaliated, and it’s hoped Israel levels Gaza
to the ground. I’m getting really tired of the MSM stressing the
“suffering” of the Palestinians. They are not to be pitied, but held
in contempt. They are the true butchers, who kill for the sake of killing. They
have no other reason to live.
The next day the Palestinian toll had risen
to 200, the next day to 300, and so on.  It
will always rise, and the Western MSM will trumpet it, because Hamas wants it
to and the MSM obliges. Rarely headlined are the Israeli casualties, and there
is only an oblique reference to the fact that, first, Hamas initiated force
against Israel with its rockets aimed at Israeli population centers, and then
that Hamas and the Brotherhood employ “human shields” of civilians,
hoping that an Israeli drone or bomb kills dozens or more Palestinians. Hamas
is waging a propaganda war as well as a war of aggression.
Then Hamas and its “journalist”
propagandists can send the MSM gory pictures of Palestinian civilian
casualties, a policy opposite that of Israel’s, which, while it will report
Israeli civilian casualties, doesn’t send gory photographs of them. Not that if
it did, those photographs would ever elicit sympathy in the West.
Had today’s MSM been present during the
sacks of Rome in 410 and 453 A.D., doubtless they would have shed tears over
the Visigoth and Vandal casualties, and few over the murdered, raped, tortured,
and enslaved Romans.
And those photographs of Palestinian
casualties are largely bogus, or borrowed from other wars. To wit, this one,
allegedly of children and their mother killed by Israeli bullets or bombs.
There are two problems with the photograph: the original was taken in Syria.
The second problem is that they may be staged. The special effects may be dirt
scattered on the floor, and perhaps dollops of Heinz-Kerry catsup splashed near
the kids to act as blood. Jihadist photographers are notorious for staging
“massacres” and Israeli brutality. But the MSM eats up these pictures
every time. It wants to. Our MSM is fundamentally anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic.
They don’t know – or care – that those
“graphic” pictures are the result of jihadist casting calls.
Islam is completely incompatible with
western classic liberal Constitutional government and culture. Therefore
Muslims must be denied access to the west and they must be defeated militarily
where they exist as a government. The greatest example of the need to defeat
Muslims militarily is in reference to the Israelis, and what must be dropped as
a “solution” is the illogical, failed, deceptive, destructive, and
dhimmi and Chamberlainesque “Two State Solution.” It is impossible by mere
human persuasion to defeat or thwart the powerful, compelling, motivating and
extremely evil message of Islam. Any attempt to “reconcile” Western
civilization and Islam is like introducing cancer into a healthy body.
By the same token, Progressivism, or
whatever other name one may call incremental socialism or nihilism, or fascism,
is incompatible with western classic liberal constitutional government and
culture. The ideology of fascism must be refuted and its practitioners in
government defeated on intellectual grounds first, then at the ballot box.
Fascism, and any species of statism, is illogical, deceptive, destructive, and
carries the seeds within it of inevitable failure and misery.
It is nearly impossible by rational means
to persuade Progressives, liberals, and statists of every stripe of the
delusionary character of their “ideals.” They hold altruism as their
moral touchstone of “right.” Altruism means sacrifice. Not their sacrifice. But that of their
But the purveyors of the Western death wish
reject or discard the evidence of the failure of their goals and agendas. They
reject reality. Ostensively, their only reality is a fantasy land where their
policies work. They wish to sacrifice reality – and lives – to their
“ideal” make-believe worlds.
And like Barack Obama, they refuse to
accept responsibility for the failures and destruction. Obama would reply to
criticisms of his policies:
Don’t blame me. I’m
just a vessel of dialectical forces, a mere sock puppet of historical
necessity. Why do you think I play golf or fund-raise during crises? I’m a
figurehead. I just communicate the imperatives. You may as well blame Hell for
being too hot. It’s not my problem. It’s yours. I’m the One, the Messiah. You’re
not. And I’m invoking my executive powers to ensure historical necessity.
The Western death wish is not shared by all
Westerners, only by those who side with and encourage evil under the guise of
“tolerance,” “ethnic and cultural diversity,”
“diversity of opinion for its own sake,” and Marxism masquerading as
benign-sounding “Progressivism,” and who froth at the mouth in a self-righteous
fury directed at anyone or any institution that resists being suffocated by or
cajoled into mind-melding with the collectivist fold.
Another instance of the Western death wish is
visible in popular culture,  in the Planet of the Apes movies, beginning
with the Charlton Heston one decades ago in which he damns man (Heston in his
best “original sin” outburst), all the way up to the current Apes movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Investors Business Daily made an
important observation about the current offering in a July 14th
editorial, “Energy-Starved ‘Planet
Of The Apes: What Greens Want
What mankind needs
most to survive and restore a semblance of normal life is electricity — aka
power.  Without it, we have no light, no communications, no way to travel
but on foot, no computer power, no heat, no stoves. The apes want to keep the
humans poor, disoriented and in a hopeless state.
A turning point
arrives with cheers in the theater when the humans return an electric power dam
to operation and the entire city powers up again.

Before you cheer as well (and a cheering theater is at least a sign that
Americans haven’t completely surrendered to the trolls of collectivism), the
editorial makes this prescient reservation:
Which leads us to
wonder if this movie is a metaphor for what we face in our real
future. Not a future of apes, but a future without cheap and abundant
Is this where the
radical green movement is guiding us with rolling brownouts and even complete
blackouts in the years ahead as the Sierra Club, billionaire Tom Steyer and the
Obama administration wage war against coal and other fossil fuel?
The apocalypse
confronting America may not be “climate change,” but the havoc and
slow return to the Stone Age the left envisions for us to fight an alleged
man-made effect on the weather.
Actually, the environmentalists’ secret dream
is the extinction of mankind, not his mere reduction to subsistence level in a
new Stone Age. They would just rather man not be around to despoil the earth
(and probably not Mars, Venus, Titan or even the Moon, either). Discover
the Networks
had this to say about “radical” environmentalism:
According to radical
environmentalists, Nature has an “intrinsic value” and goodness
that is to be revered for its own sake. In this simplistic moral calculus, any
human action that changes the environment is unethical.
“The expressed
goal of environmentalism is to prevent man from changing his environment, from
intruding on nature. That is why environmentalism is fundamentally anti-man.
Intrusion is necessary for human survival. Only by intrusion can man avoid
pestilence and famine. Only by intrusion can man control his life and project
long-range goals. Intrusion improves the environment, if by ‘environment’ one
means the surroundings of man — the external material conditions of human
The misanthropy at
the heart of radical environmentalism is well  expressed by biologist
David M. Graber, who, in a glowing review of Bill McKibben’s The End of
, writes: “Human happiness [is] not as important as a wild and
healthy planet…. Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin
nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.”
To “rejoin nature,” as Graber
well knows, means death, for lighting a campfire to keep warm or cook a meal
would be a capital crime. Thus his hope that man is wiped out by a virus.
And you don’t need to much wonder about all
the Apes movies and their companion
disaster movies in which man is responsible for wiping himself out for the sole
reason he exists and must take “unnatural” actions to sustain and
advance his life.
What’s an “extremist”
environmentalist, as opposed to a “moderate” one?  Enza
on her blogsite quotes Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch about what a
terrorist outfit like the Taliban means when it’s against “extremism”:

A Reuters article contains the intriguing phrase, intriguing
because reportedly it’s from the Taliban: “Muslims also should avoid
extremism in religion”.

Jihad Watch remarks:

The Taliban, in
saying this, demonstrate that they don’t consider themselves to be “extremist.”
This word is thrown around everywhere, but like “moderate,” no one bothers to
define it precisely. Everyone assumes that its meaning is obvious, but it
isn’t. It would be useful and illuminating to have a debate between Muslims who
support the Taliban and Muslims who oppose it on what constitutes “extremism.”
But that will never happen, as it would require honest discussion of Islamic
doctrines that Muslim spokesmen in the West are doing a fine job of
Honest discussions of Islamic doctrine are
impossible to anyone but Muslim spokesmen. Ferreri clarifies Spencer’s remarks:
It’s true: nobody
has defined “moderate” or “extremist” in Islam. That’s how
and why these terms are used to foster the Islamophilic agenda: because they’re
useless. The fact that the Taliban can use the term “extremism” to
dissociate itself from it (and to condemn it), as they don’t consider
themselves extremist, tells you a lot about the vagueness and consequent
inutility of the word.
Similarly, what is the difference between a
“radical” environmentalist and a “moderate” one? A
“radical” one wishes mankind would run off the side of a mile-high
cliff, right now. A
“moderate” will provide picnic tables and box lunches cliffside.
That’s all. But it’s the same end.

What’s the psychology of Muslim
“extremists,” “radical” environmentalists, Progressive
politicians and their supporters, and even many creatures in the MSM? Nicolai
Sennels and Nancy Kobrin, in New
English Review
‘s May 2010 article, maintain:
Sennels adeptly outlines the key problems of why Muslims are not able
to integrate into Western culture. What he doesn’t say, I shall name. We are
dealing with nothing more than paranoia. Sennels stresses that the West must
set boundaries because otherwise they will kill you. This kind of rage is
malignant borderline behavior as in serial killing. We must come to understand
such politically incorrect observations as Sennels does in order to connect the
dots concerning criminal Muslims even though it is brutal.
Happy well-adjusted children do not become suicide bombers nor do they
become criminals. Let us choose to know what we are dealing with rather than
bury our heads in sand out of terror. Let us meet the challenge straight on as
Sennels has. …
The paranoia of Muslims, environmentalists,
and Progressives is that they see that most other adults and “happy,
well-adjusted children” may live their lives fully, and because Muslims,
environmentalists and Progressives can’t, they wish to extinguish the lives of
those who can. It’s that simple. If paranoia it truly is, that’s their
motivation. They prefer to live in thrall to an arbitrary, whimsical,
malevolent deity who denies them any personal values or lives. (See my November
2013 column on Sennels’s findings, “The
Psychology of Islamic Culture
How does the Western death wish extend to
foreign policy?
But it also could be said it started with
FDR and his alliance with Soviet Russia during WWII, or with Eisenhower in 1956
when he scuttled the British, French and Israeli military effort to retake the
Suez Canal from Egypt’s dictator Gamal Abdul Nasser, who wished to nationalize
it. Eisenhower pressured
Britain to abandon a
successful initial effort
to reclaim the Canal.
This year our government has signed an $11
billion deal with the government of Qatar, a major funder of Islamic terrorism
and owner of Al Jazeera, Qatar’s propaganda “news” outlet. Defense
on July 14th reported that:
will buy US Patriot missiles for the first time in a major arms deal worth $11
billion, officials said Monday, as Washington awaits a decision by the Gulf
state on a lucrative fighter jet contract.
sale will provide Qatar with roughly 10 batteries for Patriot systems designed
to knock out incoming missiles, as well as 24 Apache helicopters and 500
Javelin anti-tank missiles, the US officials, who spoke on condition of
anonymity, told AFP…..
weapons deal was the biggest for the United States in 2014 and came as Qatar
weighs proposals in a fighter jet competition, with US aerospace firm Boeing
vying against British BAE Systems and Dassault Aviation of France.
Breitbart announced the deal on July 17th
with the appropriate headline: “US Signs $11 Billion Weapons Deal with Muslim
Brotherhood-Friendly Qatar
The arms deal was
signed at the Pentagon in Virginia by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and
the Qatari equivalent, Hamad bin Ali al-Attiyah.
A Pentagon
spokesman said of the major arms deal, “Today’s signing ceremony
underscores the strong partnership between the United States and Qatar in the
area of security and defense and will help improve our bilateral cooperation
across a range of military operations.” He continued, “This is a critically
important relationship in the region, and the secretary is pleased to be able
to continue to make it stronger.”
Qatar is a strong
ally and openly supportive of the
Muslim Brotherhood
. Although countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia have
recently designated the organization a terrorist group, Qatar maintains that
its goal is simply to preach the good tenets of Islam.
Billions for the defense of a medieval
monarchy, but not much for this country’s defense. And while Barack Obama
undoubtedly approved of the agreement, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is
nearly as loony as Vice President Joe Biden. It’s also rumored that he
converted to Islam.
Paul Alster on May 9th, 2013,
for The
Investigative Project on Terrorism
, wrote:
American business
giants such as the Boeing Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Conoco Philips, and
Exxon Mobil all have significant interests and partnerships with Qatar. And the
U.S. government appears willing to overlook Qatar’s failings. But Palmor has no
qualms in spelling out the dangerous game being played on Israel’s doorstep
that Qatar and its Al Jazeera network cannot disguise.
“The Emir of
Qatar has visited the Hamas-controlled Gaza, has embraced Hamas rulers, and has
promised money which in this case he has sent into the hands of Hamas. At the
same time he has never visited the Palestinian Authority (PA) or the government
in Ramallah [even though] he has repeatedly promised to do so. Ignoring Israel
is one thing, but taking sides in Palestinian politics and clearly taking the
side of a terror organization, is another thing. That is clearly taking part in
armed and violent conflict and that is what Qatar is doing. It has always been
on the side of terrorists and on the side of violence.”
The history of the association of American and
Western businesses with tyrannical régimes makes the charge of “crony
capitalism” sound like an illicit office romance. The most notorious
instance was oil man Armand
‘s deep connections with the Soviet Union, an unprecedented
relationship emulated by many big corporations in later decades with a variety
of dictatorships, authoritarian régimes, and communist governments. To wit:
Money News on July 22nd
They left out Turkey.
It is great that more people are coming to this realization and that books are
being written about it, but it doesn’t seem to be significantly changing the
policies of the West (apart from a growing rift between the U.S. and the Sunni
powers in the region over how we’re dealing with Iran). We have yet to
designate the major institutional terror donors in Qatar Saudi Arabia as
terrorist entities. Kuwait was never blacklisted by FATF even though it took it
10 years after 9/11 to outlaw terrorist financing. NATO has retained Turkey as
a member even though it is partnering with Al Qaeda in Syria and helps Iran
evade sanctions. And we mostly ignored attacks by Qatari-backed rebels in Mali
fighting against our oldest ally, France. Instead of doing something
significant, we just nod our heads and say, “yep, the Gulf is where the money
for terrorism comes from,” and then we turn the page of the newspaper to
something else.
And on July 21st:
The jihad in Syria
against the Alawites has been wholeheartedly funded by millionaires in Qatar.
The Qatari ministry of culture oversees some of the volunteer operations to
fund terrorism like this, and counter-terrorism expert Juan Zarate says the
financial support for jihad comes “from the top.” This isn’t new information,
but seeing video of the players involved may help some people to grow up and
out of the old-fashioned 1990s view of Qatar as an ally in the Gulf.
The U.S. government’s relationship with various
dictatorships, beginning most prominently with FDR’s recognition of the Soviet Union
in 1933, has a checkered and disgraceful history, as well. The Soviet Union was
granted the status of a legitimate government in defiance of the knowledge of
Stalin’s campaign of starvation against the Ukraine, known in the Ukraine as
the Holodomor,  in which some nine million people perished. (For
a detailed account of FDR’s role in propping up the Soviet government, see
Diana West’s outstanding book, American
Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character
The pragmatism evident in the relationships
of our government and private citizens with oppressive foreign governments is
also a form of the West’s death wish, as well.
Finally, the Mexican border imbroglio is so
steeped in pragmatism, corruption, and a deliberate Obama policy of swamping
the U.S. with tens of thousands of illegal “immigrants” in order to
“transform” the country to sustain the welfare state and the
Democrats’ grip on the country that it beggars imagination. Mac Slavo on reported on July 20th about the invasion getting a violent
assist from the drug cartels, “Mexican
Drug Cartels Lay Down High Powered Suppressing Fire For Crossing Immigrants
Shots rang out Friday night in Rincon Peninsula, Texas, forcing U.S.
border patrol agents to take cover. The shots originated from south of the Rio
Grande River and according to Border Patrol sources they came from a
high-powered .50 caliber rifle….
When the shooting
stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves
in. So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop
anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across,” Gohmert added. “We
have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal
immigrants.” Sources said they believe the gunfire came from members of Mexican
drug cartels, which include former military members trained in shooting that
type of weaponry….
The shooting has
prompted fears that Mexican drug cartels, known to be extremely dangerous and
responsible for over 75,000 deaths in the drug war that has plagued the country
for the last seven years, are now bringing their brand of violence into the United
States via the unsecured 3000-mile southern border.
Obviously with the sanction of the Mexican
, which has accelerated the “legal” passage of Central American
dross through Mexico to invade the U.S. by proxy. Is this not a declaration of
war against the U.S.?
The American death wish is spectacularly
enabled by President Barack ObamaCare, who wants to force American cities and
towns to accept them. This is an invasion by invitation, similar to Europe’s
invitation of millions of unassimilatable Muslims, with the same end, to “transform”
Western countries into satrapies of culturally “diverse” malignancies,
erected on the ashes of freedom and the ruins of Western civilization.


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  1. James Hancock

    I agree with you 100% until you drop causality and call Israel the only civilized society in the middle east. I disagree because you're asserting that it's civilized, not because I think that there is another country that fits that description.

    Israel is a Jewish state. It believes in the hobgoblins of the Old Testament and original sin. By any definition this singular fact exempts Israel from being called a civilized state. And to be clear, the old testament is only slightly more forward thinking that Islam itself with most if not all of the self-destructive properties of the Koran included. The only real difference is the only real argument they have: Which son of Abraham was sacrificed to God? A Jew or a Muslim?

    Israel enslaves it's young people with forced military service. No country that enslaves its people can be called civilized.

    Israel was created through the use of force. The UN put a gun to "Palestinian" heads and gave them a choice: Take this $3000 for your property or take a bullet and die if you refuse. This type of mindless brutal-ism is exactly why the age old hatred between Muslims and Jews flared up after been so low level from the last Crusade to 1949 in the first place. The entire country was founded on barbarism, and ironically done using exactly the same techniques as Hitler's Nazis just executed against the Jews themselves.

    Neither party is civilized. Neither party should be supported. The solution is get off the teet of their oil as quickly as possible and let them fight amoungst themselves without our help or influence. They will destroy each other (including Muslim against Muslim as we're seeing in Iraq) from now until the end of time, and as soon as they don't have a common enemy they will forget we even exist.

    Bomb them into oblivion if they attack the west, but leave them alone and let Jews fight Muslims, fight Muslims and you'll be far safer because barbarians kill other barbarians unless you give them a target.

  2. Edward Cline

    I really don't want to bother replying to such rubbish. You, James, have the not so enviable skill of raising everything about Israel out of context. At the rate things are going in this country, I'd probably want to move to Israel. Please, don't bother responding to my comment here. I have better things to do than instruct you in context-keeping. Read my previous pieces on Israel.

  3. James Hancock

    hahaha. Yup. So much for Objectivism…

    Israel = good cause it's more like the United States dropping all rational thought about how evil the existence of Israel is given how it was created or what its based on.

    I've read your other posts on Israel. They all fail to understand the history of Palestine the creation of Israel at the barrel of a gun or why exactly Muslims hate the west (tip: It isn't about the Koran or Islam, it's about the Crusades, both 800 years ago and today.)

    You always fail to understand that an entire people were attacked by the UN (lead by the US) and force relocated for the sake of guilt (and money) after World War 2 and if you were faced with the same happening to you, I would expect that you would have a deep hatred (rightfully!) for your oppressors and would fight to get back what was stolen from you. (In fact this is exactly what Rand Advocated, all be it, peacefully.)

    Islam is evil, but only in so far as the exact same things outlined in the bible (there literally is not one tenant in the Koran that isn't also in the Bible or Talmud) are evil.

    You're differentiating on degrees of evil and dropping causation of events. Arabs hate America, not because it's great or free, but because America actively subjugates them and has been doing so since the birth if Israel and even more so since 1973 in Nixon's desperate play to link oil to the dollar in exchange for protecting evil tyrants from their own people. (i.e. the King of Saudi Arabia who has put down multiple revolts that would have lead to freedom and democracy if it wasn't for US troops helping put down said revolts… and this is the King that actively funded 9/11 but we do nothing because if Saudi Arabia stops selling oil in US dollars, the US dollar collapses and the evil socialist empire known as the United States of America falls just as surely as Rome did for the same reasons.

    I've been to the middle east. I've walked the streets and talked to the people. I've debated with an Imam, Christian theology from an Islamic perspective. (all the while pretending that I'm a Christian so that I didn't get stoned to death…)

    We are responsible for fanning the hatred, and for propping of the evil governments in the middle east and keeping them in business and even, perversely we've helped finance terrorist attacks on our own people, and yet people like you argue that we should be on the side of Israel when we should be on our own side and stop hurting our interests…. but that would require understanding the full history of events, which you clearly don't grasp, and addressing the real problem with American involvement in the middle east.

    At this point in the rot of the West I'm not exactly sure why you would even think that it is all that much better than Israel, as you accidentally pointed out, but it has nothing to do with people like me. It has to do with dropping of causality, and the enslavement of one group of people for the benefit of another through government either for religious justification (Israel and most of the middle east, only to slightly different degrees) or for socialist justification as the vast majority of the west does ("The greater good")

    It makes little difference WHY you're being oppressed and enslaved, only that you are. You can't change these people to be virtuous through convincing. It's both against their interest, and beyond their ability to understand. All you can do is act to protect yourself from their evil as best as possible at this point. To believe otherwise is both delusional and ignores all of human history.

  4. Edward Cline

    Hancock: If you have something to say, start your own website, and stop mooching off of mine. I don't much tolerate trolls. This is my last response.

  5. James Hancock

    How dare someone disagree with my perfectly objectivist (if you ignore everything other than the narrow logic that I present!) argument!!!

    I'm perfectly right because I say so! There isn't possibly a contradiction in what I say because what I'm saying aligns with Rand's historical positions and my carefully curated list of facts supports me!

    A rational person expects to defend their position. You expect to be taken as Gospel and throw a tantrum when someone disagrees with you.

    Yup, everything that is wrong with Objectivism on one whining response Ed… *Sad* Now I'm done, because what I won't tolerate is people that won't actually respond rationally to critique and instead resort to just calling the person an idiot. If I'm wrong, prove it. Otherwise maybe you can learn something outside of the little box you put yourself in.

  6. revereridesagain

    Hancock, shouldn't you be out of doors playing with your floating abstraction balloons like a good little boy? You invalidate your entire argument the instant that you claim that followers of Islam have valid reasons for hating the West, even as you acknowledge that Islam is evil. Muslims hate the West because the Dark Age caravan raiding sand dune and camel dung spawned "theology" of the psychotic mythic figure known as Mohammed told them to hate anything that is not Islamic. And since that delusional child-raping murdering tyrant is their idea of the Perfect Man, they will continue to hate the West, the Jews, and anything else that made him foam at the mouth or might be projected to do so for all eternity. That you despise 21st century Jews on the basis of the Old Testament but give Muslim Arabs a free pass even to the extent of wringing your hands over the Fakestinians indicates a deeper level of hostility you're not willing to acknowledge. Maybe you should find a nice imam somewhere to engage in erudite debate with while waiting for the nuking of Israel you surely must await with a jihadist's fervor.

  7. Edward Cline

    Thank you, RevereRidesAgain, for the first class bitch-slapping earned by Hancock. I didn't think anyone else was willing to wade through Hancock's whirligigs and mental gymnastics. The troll obviously assumes that I have some obligation to engage in an endless dog-chases-tail discussion with him in which he corrects me and I just shut up and crawl to a corner. Wrong assumption. Hancock is also of the Neil Nonpareil persuasion. Neither of them is welcome here.

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