What difference does it make?
This is the third and final installment of my previous columns, “Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election,” and what news we would be rationed with by the MSM and the Clinton regime. The cast of characters is as limitless as the membership of the Democratic Party and MSM, and their unceasing plots to somehow implicate Donald Trump in a conspiracy (with Russian help) to “steal” the election from Hillary Clinton. That year-long $17 million “investigation” by Robert Mueller was proven by the IG Report to be a house of cards susceptible to the slightest breeze of fact and truth, leaving the cards scattered over the floor.
Exempli gratia:
Ø  President Clinton will award David Hogg a special Medal of Freedom at a ceremony at the White House. Hogg was a survivor of the Parkland massacre and became an anti-gun activist , and helped found a student group, “Never Again MSD,” dedicated to abolishing the Second Amendment. The President would announce, with Hogg at her side, that she will sign any legislation that erases the Second Amendment or nullifies the ownership of guns of any and all makes by private citizens. At the President’s obvious discomfort, however, Hogg would give a semi-Nazi salute with a raised arm after the President’s remarks. When questioned about the salute, Hogg would deny any connection between it and Nazi Germany.
Ø  TV news channels MSNBC and CNN would refuse to apologize for comparing former presidential candidate Trump’s statements about federal immigration practices with Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps. Trump’s public remarks, post the election of Hillary Clinton to the White House about the need for a border wall, would be, as his lawyer would assert, twisted to “prove” he was a nascent Nazi.  
Ø  Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and other alt-right, conservative, and spokesmen and talk show hosts and personalities, who have been consistently critical of Islam and of the President’s policies and actions, would be subpoenaed to testify before a special Congressional hearing to investigate the influence of  “Islamophobia.” Director Comey repeated a public cry by the President to  for special Internet controls and regulations be imposed on “Islamophobic” sites such as the Geller Report, Jihad Watch, Bare Naked Islam, IPT, and Gates of Vienna, among others.
Ø   Accompanied by representatives from CAIR, Isma’il Haniyeh, chief of Hamas’s Political Bureau, held a cordial talk with the President in the White House. President Clinton intends to remove Hamas and CAIR from the list of terrorist organizations. “Our talks were wide-ranging and fruitful,” would say the President.

 The Fǘhrer of American youth.

Ø  The President would severely rebuke Israel’s IDF for employing snipers to target kites, helium balloons, rockets, and anyone preparing to launch them against Israel from the Gaza Strip. Israel was also criticized for developing technology that would neutralize and destroy Hamas kites and balloons in midair. Hamas has complained that snipers have blown up canisters of gasoline and oil in its fighters hands before they launched the devices. Some fighters, Hamas has claimed, have been shot while throwing rocks at IDF soldiers at the barrier.
Ø  The President announced that she would reject and condemn as  racist slander charges that the South African government had embarked on a policy of genocide against white citizens. “There have been no reports of Stalin-like massacres of white South Africans in the news media. I will instruct newspapers and televised venues to cease these reports until their veracity has been confirmed by the State Department.”
Ø  “We shouldn’t worry if something is true or not. Truth is irrelevant to one’s feelings and emotional attachment to what does not exist or to what is not, and so is falsity. What’s important is that we want something to be true or untrue. This changes the grammar of good and bad. The yearning and desire have governed the conduct of the news media for decades and made possible Mrs. Clinton’s occupancy of the White House.” So would write celebrated  linguist Noam Chomsky in a New York Times article in the fourth month of President Clinton’s term. A staffer at the White House brought the article, “Pigs Will Fly,” to the President’s attention, resulting in an invitation to Chomsky to visit the chief executive. Chomsky would spend several hours with Mrs. Clinton. He would say to New York Magazine later, “The news media’s conduct during her campaign has been inappropriately called ‘hysteria’ in several corners of the national debate, when all it amounted to was the media searching for reality, whatever that was or could be, and insisting that it be true. And thank God, it became true.”
Ø  FBI Director James Comey would order the arrests of several dozen former Immigration and Customs Enforcement  (ICE) agents and charge them with “illegally detaining migrants and separating them from their children,” even though it had come to light that most of the children were not related to the migrants. Comey discounted such reports as “reckless and irresponsible rumor-mongering.”
The fix was in.
Ø  The President would embark upon a private project to restore the besmirched and defamed legacy of  Barack Obama’s eight-year presidential term from one of continuous scandal to one of spotless integrity to his dream. Mrs. Clinton would say in an interview with Paul Krugman of the New York Times that “I consider myself and my administration as unworthy successors and inheritors of his wisdom and spirit and to his stellar performance. In all modesty, I hope someday this will be done for me and my White House years and show that I worked incessantly to transform this country from a xenophobic and racist one to a diverse and multicultural city on the hill.” Mr. Krugman concluded, “I resent the sentiment, as Mrs. Clinton does, that under her the country is for sale.”
If you think this is pure satire and an exaggeration of Clinton’s intentions, think again: Look what happened to Britain. Britain, once a bastion of freedom of speech, is no longer “Great.” It is “Britanistan,” in which citizens can be fined or jailed for uttering or publishing “hate speech” statements about Islam.