No. 2,555

The “new normal” is everyone wearing a mask and looking like
they are victims of a pandemic of Lock Jaw.

From linda 17 July 17, 2020 in an email about her condition
and status.
We have a serious but far from Black Death level infectious
disease that has become thoroughly
and in all likelihood will remain so for the foreseeable future
so long as it is Useful and/or until a Vaccine is produced, which we will
likely be required to take on penalty of who knows what. I hope the situation
is not so bleak in “red” states, but here in Marxachusetts my life
changed forever in the middle of March.  2+2
still = 4. A much bigger, and more important, challenge than the WuFlu itself
will be holding firmly to that.
They need to ceaselessly berate
and harass people to whip our minds into resignation, to break our spirit, so
that we accept  the New World Order of
being regimented in every aspect of our lives. This is no less violent than
Antifa and BLM goons beating someone until he is a writhing, prone pulp.   By Polly
St. George on video
That is the core purpose of
wearing the face masks, to make us invisible to each other, to render everyone
into existential and political
One blogsite
discusses how many Americans are repelled by the mask mandates and oppose
it could be the control aversion behavior that one is more averse to the sense of control.
They really value the sense of liberty. Whereas another group may value more
the sense of connectedness and looking out for your fellow man, so it becomes a
lot of where your views lie,” Wright said.

Vogt doesn’t believe the masks are effective
outside of operating rooms.

“I think a lot of it has to do with comfort and
a lot of it has to do with we don’t believe it’s saving us from any kind of a
virus,” Vogt said.

Vogt also says with the new statewide mask
, he would refrain from visiting
businesses requiring masks.

“I think it’s our right as free citizens to be
able to do, dress how we want. If we get to the point that we are telling
people to cover their faces, I just feel like we are in a third world country
or something. We might as well check out of the United States of America,” Vogt

blogsite also opposes the wearing of masks for medical, scientific reasons:
Masks Are Dangerous
There are no experts that will say
wearing a cloth mask is safe. Even a short period of wearing them reduces the
available Oxygen (O) and increases the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The
Occupational Safety & Health Agencies around the world will confirm the
minimum level of oxygen available in the air we breathe should be at least
19.5% and especially with even the slightest exertion. In tests, the Oxygen
behind the mask drops to dangerous level of 16%. CO2 should be around 400 parts
per million (PPM) but increases to the dangerous level greater than 4000 PPM
when wearing a mask. Excess CO2 in your bloodstream may destroy red blood cells
which causes further energy loss and poor health since red blood cells are
needed to carry oxygen and iron around the body.
Since Oxygen is the most critical
element for general health, immune system and cell regeneration you should not
wear such masks for more than 10 minutes. “
It is not merely an abhorrence to being ordered to wear
masks, according to this site. It is for scientific and medical reasons.  
The ubiquitous and whimsical political reason of forcing
Americans to wear masks is advanced by Speaker of the House Nancy
, who wants complete control of Americans requiring their universal
obedience:  She wants to turn the arbitrary,
ignorant “mandates” into a law through the CDC and government decree. She wants to
lord it over a population of citizens stricken with
Lock Jaw
. She wants us to acquiesce to the “new norm.”   Senator
also wants compliance, as well, with punishment thrown in to disobedient
states. .

There are over a dozen sites that cite reasons for opposing
the universal donning of face mssks. So it’s not a “consensus”  by any means.